‘Breastfeeding Goddesses’ celebrate the beauty of motherhood

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A Lithuania-based photographer and breastfeeding advocate, Ivette Ivens manages to capture the raw beauty of breastfeeding.

Lithuanian photographer Ivette Ivens is a breastfeeding advocate who celebrates the raw beauty of motherhood through her stunning photography.

In her latest book entitled ‘Breastfeeding Goddesses’, she recounts how breastfeeding can be “messy, uncomfortable, and even painful at times”.

But she believes a mother’s “inner consciousness tells another story”.

The stunning images in her book depict “the way each woman feels while nursing: pure, beautiful, saintly, celestial”.

Ivette features women from all over America nursing their children in dreamy settings.

Photographing mothers is her passion

Ivette Ivens shared with theAsianparent in an interview that her mother was a photographer in Lithuania.

“My interest stayed early,” shares Ivette. “It wasn’t until I began photographing mothers that I found my true passion.”

Every woman is a story

“I believe every woman is beautiful and has a story to be told,” Ivette tells theAsianparent.

A breastfeeding mom is the epitome of both beauty and strength

“I nursed them both anywhere I wanted. From church to parties, from farmers’ markets to high-end designer stores,” explains 25-year-old Ivette, who is a mother of two. “I believe that mothers should nurse their little ones whenever they want to.”

A breastfeeding goddess is one with the earth and those who came before her

“She is a beauty in an ancient mural. A powerful miracle in the snow. A golden ray on the shore. A Breastfeeding Goddess.” – Ivette Ivens

Being a mom is an honor

On what the most rewarding thing about being a mom is, Ivette says, “Watching them grow and learn is so rewarding. I’m honored to be the one to guide and support them.”

The raw power of nursing

“Breastfeeding has been, by far, the greatest parenting tool I have,” says Ivette Ivens.

Inspiration comes from truth

“I am inspired by authentic, passionate and honest moments,” Ivette tells theAsianparent.

Normalizing breastfeeding is all about empowerment

Normalizing breastfeeding begins with altering our perspective and fostering a culture of respect.

It’s about diversity and inclusivity

The beauty of breastfeeding moms comes in all forms. That is to be celebrated.

No matter the season or circumstance, a mother’s love prevails

Whatever challenges and difficulties, a mother’s need to nurture their child will endure.

The ordinary can be extraordinary

The quiet love of a mom breastfeeding is one of the most powerful forces in the world.

The breastfeeding bond is unique

“The bond we share is like no other!” – Ivette Ivens

Tandem breastfeeding is to be celebrated

On the subject of extended breastfeeding, of which she is an advocate (she breastfed her eldest child till he was three). She shared, “Children know when it’s time to wean off. Mothers do too. Strangers don’t know, so they shouldn’t care.”

Nurturing in all forms

The gentleness with which mothers breastfeed their kids also translates to other aspects of life.

‘I breastfeed my toddler’

These twin moms stay true to one of Ivette’s recent exhibits, fearlessly entitled ‘I Breastfeed my Toddler’.

On what she’s learned about motherhood Ivette tells theAsianparent, “Always trust your instincts and never give up on a bad day.” For more of Ivette’s breathtaking work, visit her website and follow her on instagram.

All photos courtesy of Ivette Ivens.

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