LOOK: Mariel Padilla takes lessons on doing basic mommy duties

LOOK: Mariel Padilla takes lessons on doing basic mommy duties

The blooming mom-to-be is devoting the last trimester of her pregnancy to preparing to care for her little one. Learn more, below.

The blooming mom-to-be is now six months pregnant and excited to enter her third trimester. She shared that, as part of her preparation, she's undergone hands-on training on newborn care, which involved lessons on bathing, feeding, and swaddling a baby.

"Awww. I can now burrito wrap my baby girl," wrote the soon-to-be mom in a caption alongside a collage of photos from her learning-filled day.

Her sense of accomplishment at learning simple mommy tasks possibly stems from the fact that she's aware of her own inexperience. "I have never given a baby a bath..." she confessed a week ago in an Instagram post.

She recently had a gender reveal party with her husband Robin Padilla and her much anticipated baby shower is slated for September 3.

"So excited for this new chapter in my life. happy I will spend this with the family and friends... the moment I have been waiting for. #BabyMozartAngel," she wrote alongside a photo of her cute invitation.

Recently though, she had a joint baby shower with her longtime friend and co-host Toni Gonzaga on the set of Pinoy Big Brother.

Take a look back on Mariel's heartwarming pregnancy journey so far...

It's no secret that Mariel's third pregnancy is a delicate one, having suffered two miscarriages in the past. She lost her first baby when she was 8 weeks pregnant in March 2015. Five months later, she endured her second miscarriage when she tragically lost triplets.

It has not been an easy road. Aside from the fact that she has gestational diabetes, which requires her to have insulin injections, she has to have Heparin injections twice a day. Her dutiful husband Robin Padilla, whom she fondly refers to as "Doc Babe", administers the doses.

thank you Doc Babe for doing my injections ???? everyday...2x a day. we love you!!! ❤️ #Amsterdam

A photo posted by mariel padilla (@marieltpadilla) on

“Ngayon, may pinagdadaanan siyang mabigat na proseso. Katunayan, seloso lang ako. Kung hindi, itataas ko ang palda niya at [makikita niyo] puro pasa ang hita niya,” the 46-year-old actor told PEP in a previous interview. "So, hindi madali ang pinagdadaanan ni Mariel, ang isinasakripisyo niya para sa bata."

Part of the problem is that her body isn't seeing the fetus as a fetus but as a foreign body that it has to fight.

“It’s every day. Kasi my body, my blood is attacking the baby. Iniisip niya na foreign body kaya inaatake niya siya," Mariel explained. "So, I have to take my heparin shots para pampakalmahin na rin ang dugo ko (to calm my blood), para (so) the nutrients can go to the baby.”

Through all their sacrifices and struggles, they remain thankful for their "unplanned blessing". "Totoo pala yun. It really happens when you least expect it,” gushed Mariel, crediting her faith for showing her that God really is in control.

“So it’s really a blessing. We’re really so happy,” she beamed.

As for baby names, they plan to call the baby Maria, if it's a girl and Fernando, after Robin's real name, if it's a boy.

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