LOOK: Viral photo of a woman's milk ducts

LOOK: Viral photo of a woman's milk ducts

Curious on what a woman's milk ducts look like? Make sure to check out this amusing photo of a Twitter post made by a woman herself.

Who among you are curious in what a real human body looks like? Pretty sure you are curious what's beneath your skin, who's not? They say human body is an amazing artwork. And now people found out something interesting after a diagram showing a woman's milk ducts, which escalated really fast—definitely considered a viral.

Milk ducts tweet went viral

A tweet from @lemonadead went viral just days ago and has racked up over 120,000 likes and 40,000 retweets from like-minded people who had no idea what milk ducts looked like. She said on his post, "I just realized I never saw a photo of a female muscle system."


"This is NOT what I imagined milk ducts to look like," she stressed.

Some people seemed pretty grossed about it, which was weird, considering many of them may have been breastfed from their mother. On the other hand, many were also astonished to discover that this is what the inside of a woman's breast actually looks like, below the skin.

How did people find out about it?

After the initial post, the Twitter user followed it up with another post, "How are some of you finding this, beautiful? I'm legit STRESSED knowing this is inside my titties."

Others agreed with one person who went all out in saying, "I DONT WANT BREASTS ANYMORE!"

Another added, "We aren't supposed to see this. We weren't supposed to know. No one is here for these flesh flowers."

While others felt really disappointed that they didn't learn about this when they were growing up, "Like OMG! how interesting! So much stuff just clicked. I'm kinda irritated this wasn't something we learned in health class TBH," she stressed out.

Other people actually embraced the fact, asking: "Why is everyone saying it's gross? We have literal flowers on our titties, that's so cool."

One man encouraged women to love what they've got, "I hate to get deep on a post, but if you think about it God made us from earth. We resemble nature through our anatomy, if that makes sense. LOL!" He even quipped, "Our veins and arteries looks like roots on a tree. The spine is the trunk of the tree & the brain is the top of the trees where the branches stretch far and wide. Every beautiful tree has its flowers (the nipple)."


Our body's anatomy is truly a work of art that will amuse you for sure!


Source: LAD Bible

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