Marian Rivera on breastfeeding in public: "You can’t bash me for doing my obligation as a mother"

The proud breastfeeding advocate and first-time mom opens up about her devotion to nurturing and caring for her beloved baby girl, Zia!

Actress Marian Rivera has always been known to speak her mind and keep it real—and nothing’s changed now that she’s a mother.

A proud breastfeeding mom, the 33-year-old actress is devoted to nursing her little one whenever needed, regardless of where they are.

“When my daughter is hungry, it doesn’t matter where I am, I will feed her. I don’t care kung sosyalan ’yan o ano pa mang okasyon,” she told

(I don’t care if it’s a fancy occasion or what.)

When baby Zia turned a year old, the hands-on celebrity mom shared a photo of her breastfeeding during her daughter’s birthday party.

One netizen criticized her, calling it inappropriate. But the protective mom—with the help of a close friend, actress Ai-ai delas Alas—fired back.

“You can’t bash me for doing my obligation as a mother,” Marian told the Inquirer, recalling the incident. “Alangan namang sabihin ko, ‘Wait lang, anak, naka-gown ako, mamaya na lang after three hours. If she’s hungry, I will find a private corner, cover myself up (with a nursing shawl) at magpapa-dede ako!”

photo: Ai-ai delas Alas instagram

She does clarify, however, that she does cover-up when necessary.

“I’m a proud breast-feeding advocate—hindi ko ipe-pending ang nutrition ng anak ko, just because she still can’t appreciate foie gras,” she stressed. “You’re being narrow-minded when you judge mothers who breast-feed in public. Are you going to call me malaswa (obscene) because I covered myself up?”

Will Zia have a sibling anytime soon?

Baby Zia will be turning two soon, but Marian shared that they’re not planning on having another baby anytime soon, so she can take time to resume her showbiz career. Though she revealed that she and husband Dingdong Dantes plan to give Zia three to four more siblings one day.

photo: Marian Rivera’s instagram account

For now, they’re enjoying seeing Zia’s personality take shape and blossom. She happily shared that she takes after both of them in certain aspects.

“She’s friendly like her father. But, she’s also (brave) like me—because, one time, when her pediatrician injected her with something, she didn’t cry!” gushed the proud mom.

In a previous interview, she shared that Zia is smart like dad Dingdong.

“She already knows the alphabet, numbers, colors and different animal sounds,” she continued. “It also helps that Dong and I are hands-on parents, because we can guide her properly and really see her grow!”


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