Marian Rivera hands-on mom confessions that we can all relate to

Marian Rivera hands-on mom confessions that we can all relate to

Marian Rivera gets candid as she talks about juggling her work, being a hands-on-mom, her priorities, and how she and Dingdong are raising their daughter together.

The beautiful Marian Rivera says she and husband Dindong Dantes are hands-on-parents.

In an interview with, Marian talked about the bond she shares with daughter baby Letizia, and how motherhood has changed her. Here are highlights of PEP's report.

That breastfeeding bond

"Siguro dahil pinapadede ko siya kaya siguro yung bonding namin iba. So masayahin siyang bata...padededehin ko siya, patutulugin ko siya, tapos maglalaro kami," she said.

("Maybe it's because I breastfeed her that's why our bond is different. She is a happy child...I breastfeed her, put her to sleep, and then we play.")

Falling in love with reading again

"Naglalaro kami tapos mag-ri-read ng book. Hindi naman ako fond talaga o hindi ako mahilig magbasa, pero ngayong nanay na ako, nahihilig na akong magbasa ng books para sa kanya," Marian also said.

(We play and then we read books. I am not really fond of reading, but now that I am a mother, I am starting to like reading for my daughter.")

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Thoughts on going back to work

Marian was also asked about her work commitments, such as her upcoming project Encantadia.

"Tinanggap ko yung 'Yan ang Morning' kasi magaan siya atsaka sa ngayon, eto lang muna magagawa ko talaga bilang very hands-on ako sa anak ko at ayaw ko naman na pabayaan yung paglaki ng anak ko," Marian explained.

("I accepted 'Yan ang Morning' because it is light, and it's really all I can do for now as a very hands-on mom to my child. I don't want to neglect raising my child.")

"...don sa Encantadia, walang dahilan para hindi ko siya tanggapin. Kung baga lahat na ng pwede nilang ibigay sa akin, ibinigay nila."

(" for Encantadia, there's no reason for me not to accept. They gave me all the concessions that they could give.")

A sleep confession we can all relate to on the next page.

Yaya's supporting role

Marian was also asked about having a "yaya" at home.

"May yaya kami sa bahay pero siguro parang ina-assist lang talaga. Ako kasi very hands on talaga ako na lahat, kami ni Dong, pagpapaligo, as in lahat talaga."

("We have a nanny at home but for more for  just assisting. I am very hands-on about everything, Dong and I, bathing the baby, everything.")

I haven't slept well in 5 months

The actress also said that while she has lacked sleep for the past 5 months due to the demands of motherhood, just one smile from Letizia makes it all worth it.

"...pag gabi sabi nila, para yung mommy makatulog, ibigay mo na sa yaya. No. So 5 months na yung anak ko, 5 months na rin akong walang tulog...Minsan nakakapagod pero nakita mo yung anak mo nag-smile naman sa 'yo, 'Okey lang, puyat na uli ako,'" Marian said.

(They say the nanny should take over at night so the mom can sleep. No. My daughter is 5 months old, so I have not slept in 5 months. It gets tiring sometimes, but when you see your child smile, 'It's okay, I will stay up late again.'")

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Marian likewise said that Dindong is very much involved in the rearing of their child, and that they do things together as much as possible. When asked if she would be willing to give up showbiz for her family, Marian declined to give a straight answer, merely saying in the vernacular "My family is my priority."

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