Robin Padilla: Mariel has difficult and painful pregnancy

Robin Padilla: Mariel has difficult and painful pregnancy

While Mariel Rodriguez and Robin Padilla are super excited and happy about Mariel's third pregnancy, it is not without any physical pain for the expectant mother. Find out what painful procedure Mariel needs to go through to avoid another miscarriage.


Mariel Rodriguez and husband Robin Padilla opened up about Mariel's third pregnancy, saying they are happy and hopeful that "this is it" despite Mariel's delicate condition.

According to an article by Nerissa Almo on, the couple confirmed the pregnancy on "It's Showtime" on May 21, but it was only on May 24 that the couple spoke to the press about the pregnancy. Here are details from Almo's report.

"I really waited for the go-signal of the doctor to tell me na it's a go, it's all right. Even though she actually gave me a go signal weeks before,” Mariel explained to reporters during a press conference where they were introduced as Sogo Hotel's newest endorsers.

The actress added that she wanted to get through the first trimester first before making the announcement. She said she wanted to share the news, but was afraid it would bring ill luck.

"Pero noong nalagpasan ko naman yun, sinabi ko naman agad (Once I got past [the first trimester], I announced [the news] right away)," Mariel said.

“Ako pa, sobra kong gustong i-share talaga. Sobra akong proud! Sobra akong happy! Gustung-gusto ko talaga ipagsigawan na, 'Yes!' Kaya lang, parang ayaw kong maudlot.”

("I really wanted to share it. I am so proud! I am so happy! I wanted to shout, 'Yes!' But then I did not want to jinx it.")

The actress's caution can be traced to her history of miscarriages. This is the third pregnancy for Mariel, having previously miscarried twice. Mariel lost her first baby in March 2015 when she was 8 weeks pregnant. Her second miscarriage was in August of the same year when she lost her triplets.

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Robin talks about Mariel's daily struggle for the baby

Underneath the joy, however, is physical. Robin revealed that in order to keep the baby, Mariel has to go through the painful procedure of injecting heparin twice a day, aside from the insulin that she also needs to inject.

“Ngayon, may pinagdadaanan siyang mabigat na proseso. Katunayan, seloso lang ako. Kung hindi, itataas ko ang palda niya at [makikita niyo] puro pasa ang hita niya. (She is undergoing a difficult process. If I were not the jealous type, I would lift her skirt to show you the bruises on her thigh.)," the action star said.

“Buong hita niya puro pasa dahil, hindi naman dahil sa adik, pero kailangan niyang magsaksak ng heparin dalawang beses sa isang araw. Bukod pa sa sinasaksak niyang insulin (Her entire thigh is covered with bruises, not because she is an addict, but because she needs to inject heparin twice a day. This is aside from the insulin that is also injected.")

“So, hindi madali ang pinagdadaanan ni Mariel, ang isinasakripisyo niya para sa bata. (What she is going through is not easy, what she is sacrificing for the child.”), he added.

According to the couple, Mariel's body does not recognize the fetus as a fetus, but attacks it like it would a foreign body.

“It's every day. Kasi my body, my blood is attacking the baby. Iniisip niya na foreign body kaya inaatake niya siya. (Because my body, my blood is attacking the baby. It thinks [the baby] is a foreign body that's why [my body] attacks [the baby]"), Mariel explained.

“So, I have to take my heparin shots para pampakalmahin na rin ang dugo ko (to calm my blood), para (so) the nutrients can go to the baby.”

Mariel also has gestational diabetes.

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An unplanned blessing

Mariel and Robin still cannot believe that she is pregnant and that things are going well so far. Mariel revealed that this pregnancy was unplanned.

"Totoo pala yun (It's true). It really happens when you least expect it," Mariel said, adding that God is really in control.

"I was really in denial," she said in the vernacular. At first, she didn't even want to see a doctor until Robin insisted that she sees one.

"So it's really a blessing. We're really so happy," a beaming Mariel said, adding that this is her longest pregnancy and she is hopeful about this pregnancy.

The couple also shared their plan to name the baby Maria, which is a derivative of Mariel's name, if it is a girl; and Fernando, which is based on Robin's real name, if it is a boy.

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