Baby's skin allergies caused by mom's fake whitening products

Baby's skin allergies caused by mom's fake whitening products

According to the pediatrician, she might have passed it on through breastfeeding or skin contact.

Filipinos have an obsession with whitening products. For most Filipinos, light, fair skin is equivalent to beauty. Notice the saturating number of celebrities we see on television and the fair-skinned beauty queens that represent our country in several international beauty pageants.

For years, whiteness as a standard of beauty has been deeply ingrained in Pinoy culture. Try observing the supermarket and you can see a whole aisle of whitening products – soap, facial wash, and lotion to name some. 

So it’s no wonder that imported whitening brands like Goree have found a lucrative opportunity in the Philippines. Though many have vouched for its amazing effects, not everyone has given good feedback on the product. 

In our quest for lighter skin, we still have to be careful when purchasing and using products because they might do more harm than good.

As early as October 2017, Filipinos have been warned by the Food and Drug Administration about Goree products. However, it is still used by a lot of people and it can be seen sold online and at physical stores like in Divisoria.

According to a Kapuso Mo, Jessica Soho feature, Princess Tupas, a Goree product user, was rushed to the emergency room seven times due to a severe allergy and weakening of her immune system. She said that the itchiness was unbearable and made it hard for her to breathe.

Unsurprisingly, the product is already known by doctors to have earned bad feedback.

Goree is a Pakistani company that produces whitening products such as beauty cream, day and night cream, soap, and face wash. It has been in the spotlight after several clients claimed to have experienced skin complications after using their products.

It has been reported that the products contain an alarming amount of mercury, which is very dangerous to one’s body. But a spokesman for the company asserts that the products in question are fake and have not been manufactured by the official Goree company.

Breastfeeding mom passed on allergy to her kid after using the product

There are many victims who have aired their complaints and concerns via social media and other platforms. However, there is another victim whose story can serve as a wake-up call to all mommies out there.

Karen Grace Reguyal, another Goree product user, has also experienced allergies and has passed it on to her baby! Upon consultation, her pediatrician said that she might have passed it on through breastfeeding or skin contact.

Testimonies like these should not fall on deaf ears because it warns us about the dangers we put not only to ourselves but to our babies as well.

Tips to avoid adverse beauty product skin reactions (and passing it on to your baby)

1. Research

Before buying a product, be it online, through a friend, or from a physical store, research about it first. Go through its labels to check its content and directions for using.

Make sure it is legal and original. Imitations are all over the market and are sold at a cheaper price. Listen to valid testimonials especially if the product is sold online.

It is important to check the company’s reputation as well.

Remember: if you really want quality, invest in it.

2. Ask your dermatologist

Karen Reguyal, the mom who is a victim of Goree products, advises that it is better for one to consult a dermatologist first.

In that way, you can be sure of the products you use. You can also learn what products work well with your skin type. Note that you also have to know what kind of products should be avoided by mommies who breastfeed or nurse their babies.

3. Consider using natural products

Avoid putting too much chemicals into your skin. Try using natural products instead. Of course it is still important to know what works well on your skin type to avoid damaging your skin.

Mommies deserve to get pampered once in a while. Admit it, mommies: our skin care routines can sometimes make us forget the stresses of parenthood.

It is good to treat yourself with body-pampering products but be careful in buying and using them.

Remember: a happy mommy leads to a happy baby.

Happy pampering, mommy!

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