What to do when your pregnancy cravings are unhealthy

What to do when your pregnancy cravings are unhealthy

Pregnancy cravings are often weird, sometimes delicious, but not exactly healthy. Find out about the strange cravings, why we get them, and what you can do to make sure you get the right nutrition during your pregnancy.

Green mangoes and bagoong, fried and fast food, and all kinds of chocolates and sweets – Mmm yum! Pregnancy sure brings on crazy cravings. But what do all the cravings mean? Why do they happen? And what are they doing to your body (and your baby)? Find the answers here, plus a sensible solution to staying healthy.

Why do pregnant women get cravings?

No one really knows what causes pregnant women to crave certain food, but one theory says that they happen when the body is lacking nutrients. Cravings are the body’s way of telling mommy it needs a boost in her diet.

There’s a theory that if you’re looking for salty chips, your body needs sodium. If you’re looking for french fries, your body wants more fat. If you’re looking for a big tub of ice cream, your body may be crying out for more calcium.

We may not know exactly what the most common pregnancy cravings mean, but we all know that a pregnant mom and her rapidly developing baby need the best possible nutrition. All it takes is a few simple steps to ensure that you stay healthy throughout your pregnancy. Let Anmum show you how.

What happens when your cravings get out of hand

Pregnancy cravings aren’t always healthy, but you just have to give in to them! Giving in to your cravings is alright, but bags of salty chips, a daily order of fries, or mugs of ice cream are clearly not the best sources of nutrition.

In fact, indulging in these food groups will likely result in gaining too much weight. People encourage pregnant women to “eat for two,” but your baby is really just a tiny human and won’t require you to consume another plate of lechon.

most common pregnancy cravings

Another concern of doctors is when the mommy’s cravings are so constant and urgent, they replace a healthy diet. Many pregnant women who gain too much weight from empty calories can suffer dangerous conditions such as preeclampsia, gestational diabetes, and labor and delivery problems.

What you can do to get the best nutrition

What you can do is be mindful of your cravings. For example, ask yourself: Do I really want chocolate ice cream or do I just need the taste of chocolate? This way, you can look for healthier options.

If you think you need something cold, then try a sorbet. If it’s chocolate, then nibble on a chocolate bar. And if it’s calcium you need, drink a glass of milk. Make it a cold glass of chocolate-flavored Anmum and you just satisfied a craving with something really good for you and baby!

What Anmum does for your body and for your baby

Whatever your cravings may be, you don’t need to be confused by them or worried about them. Give in to them if you must but be sure to have prenatal supplements to meet the nutritional needs of your body and your baby.

Try Anmum milk. Just two glasses of this maternal milk daily are enough to nourish your rapidly developing body and baby throughout your pregnancy. It has:

  • DHA, SA and GA for your baby’s brain development
  • Calcium for building strong bones for mom and baby
  • Folic acid helps prevent birth defects of baby’s brain and spinal cord.
  • Protein forms the structural basis for all new cells and tissues in the mother and the baby.
  • Iron and B12 help prevent anemia
  • Probiotic DR10 that supports the digestive system for better absorption of nutrients

The next time you get weird cravings, you don’t need to worry about any of the strange food your pregnant body is asking for. With Anmum, you and your baby are nourished from conception to birth.

Make Anmum your nutrition partner throughout your pregnancy. Ask your obstetrician about Anmum. You can also visit this site to learn about how this maternal milk can help your child’s development while keeping you healthy.

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