Weird pregnancy cravings that you must know

Weird pregnancy cravings that you must know

Furniture polish, really? Read on to find out what the other unbelievably weird pregnancy cravings women all over the world have experienced

You’ve probably heard of some really weird pregnancy cravings—from the gross to the puzzling to some food pairings that may actually work (Crispy bacon dipped in chocolate sauce, anyone? Yum!). Oftentimes, the cravings are for extremely sour, sweet, bitter, or salty food. However, there are times when women have had cravings for non-food items! 

Don’t believe us? Here’s a list of the top five strangest pregnancy cravings across the globe:

Dirt or Clay

In some cultures, women consume clay or dirt during their pregnancy. In the southern United States, some people believed that eating dirt and clay helps to relieve morning sickness. Meanwhile in Kenya and Uganda, eating earth has ceremonial or religious purposes. Despite the fact that we live in a health and nutrition-obsessed age, there are some women who hanker for dirt or clay during and after their pregnancy. Look no further than the pop sensation Britney Spears, who craved dirt and clay during the last trimester of her pregnancy.


Thinking about having halo-halo? How about something more basic? Like chewing ice cubes. Speaking of Britney Spears, it was also reported that the pop star had a penchant for chewing ice during her pregnancy. Scientists believe that the innate hunger for ice is due to an iron deficiency, often present in pregnant women. Chewing ice is harmless and can help to hydrate your body, but it should not serve as a substitute for healthy meals.

Furniture Polish

The Sun UK published a report about a 26-year-old British mum-to-be who just had to eat spray furniture polish at least three times a day! According to the report, seven-month-pregnant Emma Veness went through three cans of furniture polish—despite fears of harming her unborn baby girl.

During the interview, she narrated, “I can’t explain why I like it so much.  I think it has a lot to do with the texture. I normally spray a bit on my fingers and lick it off or spray it on the duster and suck.” Although she wanted to give up her unusual obsession, she couldn’t seem to do so.

And you thought your craving for peanut butter dipped pickles was weird?!  

Laundry Detergent

Yes, nibbling on powdered soap is another common, yet bizarre craving. American blogger Denene Millner wrote, “When I was pregnant, I couldn’t walk past a laundry room without wanting to crunch on powdered [detergent], liquid [fabric softener], and all manner of cleaning products…”

It may send shivers down your spine, but the good news is she “never actually ate or sipped any.” She did, however, admit to inhaling the products deeply. As with ice cravings, the obsession to eat or inhale detergent is believed to be due to an iron deficiency that can be treated using iron tablets.

Weird pregnancy cravings may be indicative of an eating disorder!

Cravings are commonplace during the entire pregnancy period. However, giving in to the craving for non-food items can be harmful for both mother and baby. If an expecting mom is experiencing such symptoms, she could possibly be suffering from an eating disorder called Pica. People affected by this disorder are compelled to eat things that are not intended for consumption.

Women who are in their first pregnancy, under the age of 20 or have suffered from Pica as a child, are more likely to crave these non-food products. Symptoms of Pica usually appear in the first or second trimester of pregnancy, and persist for more than one month. Though symptoms tend to disappear after pregnancy, there is a chance that one’s Pica cravings could continue after labor and delivery. Pica is likely caused by a nutritional deficiency, cultural factors, or psychological reasons.

What to do when pregnancy cravings go out of hand

When you feel your craving is spiraling out of control, the first order of business is to always consider your health and your baby’s health. Giving in to certain foods won’t hurt, but remember that a sound and healthy body is your priority.

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weird pregnancy cravings

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