A mother's love from beyond the grave: My mother consoled my crying daughter

A mother's love from beyond the grave: My mother consoled my crying daughter

The love that our mothers have for us truly is something special. In this case however, things got a bit scary.

How would you feel if the ghost of one of your close relatives visited your children? Would you be scared? Or would you feel comforted that even from beyond the grave, they're looking out for you?

It was just one of those weeks

Tina Basset shares the story of how she saw the ghost of her dead mother consoled her crying daughter. She said that it was just one of those weeks where she did everything, but her daughter was having such a strange sleeping pattern that it just felt too much for her.

She shares, "This one week was particularly tough. She cried throughout the night, even screamed in her sleep. I was barely sleeping and my coffee stock was being depleted at an insanely rapid rate."

She said aloud "I'm not cut out for this," and all of a sudden she heard a familiar voice say: "Yes, you are. Calm down."

Tina went looking around the house and thought that she was just imagining things because of her fatigue. She then sat back down and cried as her daughter, who she thought was still asleep, suddenly woke up and started crying.

"I recognized that touch"

She then thought to herself, "I was spent. I felt like I had nothing left. I didn't hear the front door open, but I heard footsteps coming up the stairs. Strangely, I was not afraid."

Suddenly, she recognized a familiar touch. A touch that she last felt during Christmas in 1999, a month-and-a-half before her mother had died.

She adds, "The footsteps continued down the hall and into the bedroom, even hitting that creaky spot I always avoid. My daughter quieted immediately. Her crying gave way to even breaths and her light, adorable snore. I walked around the corner to the doorway. Someone was sitting on her's bed with her, rubbing her back, soothing her."

Her mother's ghost then walked towards her and hugged her. She said that she felt her mother's arms wrap around her and then her mother vanished.

After that incident, her daughter started sleeping much more peacefully.

"That's grandma!"

While playing with her child, Tina shared that they stumbled upon a picture in an old purse that she gave her daughter to play with. She then gave the photo to her child, and her daughter stared at the photo, then she smiled.

Her daughter said, "That's grandma!"

She then froze, and shared that she wasn't prepared for what happened next. Her daughter told her, "I love you too, Doll." Only one other person in her life told her those exact same words. It was her mother.

It's really amazing that the love that our mothers have last throughout our entire lives, even from beyond the grave.

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Sources: sheknows.com

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