What's a common baby sleeping pattern?

What's a common baby sleeping pattern?

A worried mum asks, "How many hours should a newborn be sleeping and how do we detect sleepy babies?" Answered by Dr Lee Le Ye from National University Hospital (NUH).

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Dr Lee Le Ye answers all your questions on baby sleeping patterns!

What’s a common baby sleeping pattern? How many hours should a newborn be sleeping? What about infants? And how does a parent detect if their baby is sleepy?

The newborn sleeps an average of 14 to 16 hours a day, this can be divided in many short naps throughout the day and night.

By 6 months, the sleeping time can decrease to 8 -12 hours depending on the babies’ temperament and also stimulation.

Babies who are sleepy will express their unhappiness through crying spells and even refusal to feed. They may look less alert and playful when they are tired.

Answered by

Dr Lee Le Ye

Associate Consultant

Department of Neonatology

National University Hospital

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