Protection is mothers’ love language

Protection is mothers’ love language

Oilatum bar soap is loved worldwide for being the go-to soap for dry and sensitive skin. It is gentle for everyday use.

“There is no greater warrior than a mother protecting her child.” – N.K. Jemisin

Studies show that ‘love hormone’, oxytocin, makes moms protect their children at all cost.

You’re perhaps familiar with the five Love Languages – Acts of Service, Quality Time, Words of Affirmation, Touch, and Gifts. If there’s a sixth love language or a secret love language for mothers, it is probably Protection. This is how we show our love to our families the most.

Nothing breaks our hearts more than when we see our children in great pain - be it physically or emotionally. We feel the need to protect our children from sickness, accidents, violence, and all types of danger.

Protecting our children’s skin is just as important. Choosing the right skin care products for your kids can spell the difference between a dry skin and a healthy, well moisturized one.

Here are tips on achieving the best skin for our children:

1. Limit the bath time to 10 minutes if possible.

2. Use lukewarm water instead of hot.

3. After bath, pat child’s skin dry instead of rubbing - too much towel friction can chap delicate skin.

4. Always choose products that are gentle, no Paraben and hypoallergenic instead of a standard soap.

5. Lastly, consult a dermatologist if needed. Your dermatologist will be able to help you discover what is causing your child’s dry skin in the first place, and together you can find a solution that will prevent it from coming back again.

Protection is mothers’ love language

Your child's moisturizing oils. According to Dr. Giselle Adasa, a pediatric dermatologist and a member of the Philippine Dermatological Society, your child’s skin loses water five times faster than adult skin.

Investing in a trusted skin care brand can save us the worries and troubles on skin problems, such as dry skin and eczema. In addition, the skin care brand for our children must be gentle enough not only to keep moisture, but cleanse it from any dirt or viruses and other pathogens that may get to them when they are outside the comfort of our homes.

Oilatum bar soap is Pedia-recommended and loved worldwide for being the go-to soap for dry and sensitive skin. It is gentle for everyday use.



It has Moisture PROTECTnology that can help your child’s skin stay soft and protected by moisturizing it sufficiently and locking the moisture in.

Now you can be at ease knowing you have the best partner for your child’s skin care protection! After all, nothing says ‘I love you’ better than keeping our children safe and giving them what’s best for them.

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