Our favorite Elizabeth Ramsey and Jaya mother-daughter moments

Our favorite Elizabeth Ramsey and Jaya mother-daughter moments

Elizabeth Ramsey was not only an icon but she was a great mom to soul singer Jaya. We take a look a back at some of their sweetest moments.

For over five decades, the “Queen of Rock n Roll” and “Original Queen of Comedy” has become one of the most beloved icons of Philippine show business. And her daughter, Jaya, found a home in the entertainment industry as well, rising to fame to become one of OPM’s greatest artists.

But these two powerhouse women also enjoyed success off-cam and had a great relationship filled with love and laughter.

Take a look at some of our favorite Instagram moments shared by the two.

Chill kasama si Mama beth!!! Talagang love nila Lola nila in fair!!! #Godissogood #blessings

A photo posted by jaya ramsey gotidoc (@jayasoul) on

To the public, she was Elizabeth Ramsay. But to her adorable grandkids, she was the fun-loving "Mama Beth".

Jaya was so proud of her mom and showed her appreciation for everything she has given her.

Being in the industry for more than five decades, Elizabeth Ramsay established lasting relationships with her fellow icons who guided and cared for Jaya like their own.  

Jaya not only inherited her mother's talent and charm but they shared the same vivacious zest for life!

It is with sadness that we say goodbye to iconic singer/comedienne Elizabeth Ramsey, who died peacefully in her sleep after suffering from a stroke.

On her official Facebook page, Jaya shared the sad news of her mom’s passing.

Mama Beth is now with our Lord... 83 years has been full. Love and laughter, she has given not just our family but the... Posted by Jaya Ramsey on Wednesday, October 7, 2015

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