6 Pa-demure ways to let your husband know you want to make love

Do you prefer subtlety and indirection when letting your hubby know you're in the mood? Try these effective "pa-demure" tips!

Some women, although they enjoy sex, prefer subtlety when letting their partners know they're in the mood. Are you one of these women? If so, don't worry. It's perfectly fine to be a little shy when you want to let your husband know you want to make love.

Try these subtle (pa-demure) ways the next time you want to ask your partner for sex, but are too shy to do so!

1. Get dolled up or dress down

Author and marriage expert Sheila Gregoire assures us that it's "totally okay to be eye candy". It doesn't matter if he gets turned on when you're wearing lingerie or an old, huge T-shirt, by now you probably know what gets your hubby going. Use that knowledge to your advantage!

You can also undress in front of him or wear a soft robe and flash him jokingly to surprise him!

2. Wear a different scent

Try switching up your perfume of choice. If you normally go for fruity cologne scents, why not go for a rich, floral perfume? Spray some on your neck and ask him to take a whiff of it, baring your shoulder just so. Then, you can give him a soft kiss and see where that leads.

3. Compliment them

Men want to be wanted, writes Sheila Gregorie in her book The Good Girl's Guide to Great Sex. Give them compliments randomly while touching them on the arm or waist. You can start simple from his head, work your way down and see if you can’t turn him on! Whispering in his ear could also do the trick!

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4. Put on a sexy movie

An effective way to turn your partner on is to put on a movie you both find hot and sexy. Start initiating making out during bed scenes, the background noise could be just the ticket to push you both!

5. Recall sexual memories

Going the "sentimental route", according to LifeHacker, can be a great way to initiate sex without directly asking for it. Bring up your first time or the best time, sex on vacation perhaps? This can provide you with a great segue to “add to those great memories”.

6. Touch them

When all else fails, you can always start touching them tenderly (or provocatively) without saying a word. You can wait until the lights are off and you're both comfy under the covers. When they are in the mood, as you are, no words will be necessary.

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