Parenting "horror stories" that are scarier than any Halloween horror story

Parenting "horror stories" that are scarier than any Halloween horror story

We scoured the social news and discussion website Reddit and found some of the scariest real-life parenting horror stories!


Yeah, we don't think letting your child play near a wood chipper is a good idea. Add to that the fact that the mom got mad at the man for telling her kid off, and you've got an accident just waiting to happen!


This is my kid and I can do what I want!

Some parents forget that their child isn't their property. This is just sad.


Poor kid...

We're hoping that the little girl is okay after everything that happened.


"Her mom was playing on the computer"

Yikes. How can a mom be so engrossed with a computer game that she forgets to feed her own child?


"Looks like you won't be eating tonight"

We noticed one thing that most bad parents have in common, they really like letting their kids starve.


So, there you go. Just some of the most terrifying real-life parenting horror stories that we found on Reddit. It really happens sometimes that parents, instead of making sure that their kids are safe, are the ones who are actually putting their kids in danger.


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