Nikka Garcia responds to basher who called her daughters 'ugly'

Nikka Garcia responds to basher who called her daughters 'ugly'

The basher also accused her of being a 'bad stepmom' to Patrick's son with former girlfriend, Jennylyn Mercado.

Patrick and Nikka Garcia have gone through a lot as a couple. Aside from the personal struggles they bravely faced together, they’ve had to deal with bashers and various insults online.

Back in 2016, Nikka revealed how she received lewd messages and alarming threats were sent through private messages on Facebook. The basher called her useless, heartless, and insulted her and her kids’ appearance. More alarming still is how the anonymous basher threatened her with physical violence.

She responded to it in a classy way, which earned the praise of many of her followers. Nikka, who’s now a mom of three, has again received some hurtful comments from a basher.

Patrick Garcia’s wife Nikka Responds to Bashers Who Insulted Their Daughters

It all began with a comment from one of her 203,000 followers. “(Paano) naman yung anak nila ni Jennylyn?” commented the netizen in a family photo of Patrick and Nikka with their three daughters—Chelsea, Patrice, and Pia.

In the post, Nikka paid tribute to Patrick for being a good dad, teasing that they are ready to have more kids.

Nikka responded calmly to the comment, but the netizen insisted on bringing up Patrick’s son with former girlfriend, actress Jennylyn Mercado again.

In response, Nikka wrote: “If we post, may issue na ginagamit namin yung baby boy… if we don’t post, may issue pa rin. Pat and I have decided to keep that part private. what happens stays within… stays amongst us family only.”

The netizen’s comments soon escalated to bashing.

patrick garcia's wife

screenshot: Nikka Garcia’s Instagram account

“Bad stepmom to Jazz. Always your ugly children (in) pictures,” wrote the netizen, adding how Nikka should tell Patrick to include his son Jazz in photos, too. “You cannot have a son because your personality is very bad.”

This time, Nikka stood up for her family, while still restraining herself from being equally rude.

“Nagsalita ang pinaka gwapa!? I cannot have a son??? Why, are you God? Let’s see muna! I have a long way to go to make more babies,” wrote Nikka in response. “Besides, boy or girl, they are blessings and I cannot be more grateful I was given three precious beautiful ones. Watch your words po. It shows the kind of personality YOU have.”

Despite the hurtful words from the basher, many more showed their support and urged Nikka not to mind the rude comments.

How Should Parents Handle Rude Behavior Online?

There is a way to be tough without being mean. This is what mom-of-three and blogger Nikka has showed many moms who look up to her.

You don’t have to be a celebrity to be able to understand just how upsetting it is when anonymous people online attack you and your loved ones. While it’s very tempting to retaliate, the best option is always to take the high road.

We’ve all had our fair share of rude online behavior and we are likely to encounter hate and negativity online. Being able to stay anonymous emboldens these bashers, who think there will be no consequences for their actions.

Like Nikka, we can also stay classy in the face of infuriating attacks online. Yes, we can call them, too, and stand up for our loved ones. But we must always remember never to resort to “low blows” or foul language to get our point across.

How would you handle online bashers? Let us know in the comments below.


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