5 Important things that Pinoy moms and dads need to ask about their food

5 Important things that Pinoy moms and dads need to ask about their food

Asking these 5 things about the food you eat can help Pinoy moms and dads be more aware of the food that their family consumes every day.

These days, it's important for Pinoy moms and dads to be more aware of what goes into the food that their family eats.

These five important things should help moms and dads cook and eat better, and provide better nutrition for their family!

What do Pinoy moms and dads need to ask about their food?

1. What is in the food we're eating?

Moms and dads should always ask themselves what's exactly in the food they're eating or giving to their family.

This is where reading food labels and ingredients comes in. Knowing what's in the food that you eat can help let you know if the food contains any harsh chemicals or preservatives, or if it has some ingredients that your kids are allergic to.

It's not just about simply eating the food you buy, it's also important to know what's in it.

2. How was the food prepared?

Aside from knowing the ingredients in your food, it's also important to know how it was prepared, especially for those eating in restaurants.

Ideally, it's best to cook in your home as much as possible. Not only is it cheaper, but you also have control over the food you're preparing. However, if home-cooked food isn't always possible, it's best to look for places where you can be sure that the food is clean, safe, and prepared properly.

3. How did it get here?

Another important thing to ask is how the food arrived at your table.

Sometimes the food is stored for a long time in a freezer, or it may have gone through repeated thawing and freezing. These scenarios can be dangerous for food, since it hurts the quality of food that you're eating.

If you want to provide the best for your family, look for local suppliers who can ensure that the products they're selling are always fresh.

4. How was the food grown?

These days, organic farming is becoming more and more common. And before you dismiss it as just a "fad," it's important for you to know that organically farmed food is better for you and the environment.

Organically grown food uses no artificial pesticides, which means that the food you eat won't contain any chemicals.

Additionally, organically grown vegetables are also better for the environment, and organically raised animals won't have any antibiotics or any other chemicals injected into them.

Organic farming also supports local farmers and buying local helps provide these farmers a means to continue their livelihood.

5. Who grew the food?

Lastly, it's important to help support local farmers and small-time growers.

That's because these small suppliers are usually focused on selling quality products at a good price, rather than inferior products at the cheapest possible price.

Buying from farmers or buying organic might be more expensive, but you're helping keep your family healthy. You're also supporting honest farmers by doing so.


Source: Rappler

Photo from: pixabay.com

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