Piolo Pascual speaks up about viral 'kiss' video with son Iñigo

Piolo Pascual speaks up about viral 'kiss' video with son Iñigo

The actor breaks his silence and addresses the controversial video, saying it was simply because of how affectionate both he and his son are. Read on for more.

At the press conference of his latest film Northern Lights where he portrays a father, a role he confesses is on his bucket list, he got a bit emotional.

When Regal films' "mother" Lily Monteverde lauded his kindness, Piolo couldn't help but shed a few tears. It was at the same press conference where he also addressed the viral video, saying he is not ashamed of it.

Piolo Pascual has been known to be affectionate towards his son Iñigo, so his son has learned to do the same.

In response to the bashing he received because of a clip of them kissing on the lips, Piolo clarified that both he and his 19-year-old son were raised to be affectionate and that there is definitely no malice in it. In fact, he considers the fact that his son is that comfortable to show his love to be a blessing, especially for a kid his age.

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"It’s a blessing and dun sa mga nagba-bash sa video namin, ang sarap kaya ng pakiramdam. Bakit ako mao-offend sa mga nagba-bash, at first gusto ko bumawi na parang ano ba kayo? Blessing kaya ‘yun."

"It's a blessing na gawin sakin yun ng anak ko dahil ganun ako pinalaki ng magulang ko," said Piolo, drawing cheers from those who were at the press conference.

"Up to this moment, I kiss my mom on the lips. Ganu’n kaming magkakapatid. (That’s how I and my siblings are.) It’s nice to be physical with your loved ones. Ganu’n kami pinalaki (We were raised that way.), " explained the actor.

It's no secret that the two are very close. Despite the fact that Inigo grew up in the States and spent some years away from his dad, this didn't cause them to drift apart.

Is it okay to kiss your kids on the lips?

While many parents see nothing wrong with this, some believe it is inappropriate past a certain age.

In a previous article, we asked parents on theAsianparent Community what they thought.

"We kiss on the lips as we did with our parents," wrote mom R. Gosh. "I want My (little one) to feel my love and affection for her. In fact she always kisses me on the lips too. And it is co cute who can resist?"

"Yes! I think we live in an oversensitized world," agrees mom of two Cathy L. "Totally okay, at least when they're little!"

"I don't get it. They are your kids. Why can't you kiss them on the lips?" wrote Stephanie G. "But I understand that once they reach a certain age they start to feel shy (especially boys) and it becomes socially awkward to kiss mummies or daddies on the lips. You should do it as long as it lasts you! They will outgrow it soon."

Let us know what you think, moms and dads!

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