Piolo Pascual brushes off bashers of viral photo with his son

Piolo Pascual brushes off bashers of viral photo with his son

"Sa tagal ko ba naman sa industriya, papatol pa ba tayo?"

It was a sweet father-son moment captured in a photo and shared with good intentions. But, how come it was received negatively by certain netizens?

The photo, shared by the actor’s loyal personal assistant of many years, has been liked nearly 8,000 times.

Piolo Pascual

photo: Moi Bien Instagram

It’s hard to believe how an innocent photo could generate such responses. But, the important thing is that majority of Moi’s followers found it “sweet”.

In a recent interview with PEP, the 39-year-old actor responded to the issue by saying he won’t respond to it. “Kumbaga hindi ko na pinagtakahan yun,” he explained. “Yun talaga yung nature ng tao, e, mapag… masama, yung mapagduda. “E, my son didn’t see me for 2 months, you know, so ganun kami.”

(I wasn’t surprised. It’s human nature for some to be malicious. My son didn’t see me for two months; that’s just the way we are [towards one another].)


A photo posted by Piolo Jose Pascual (@piolo_pascual) on

In the same interview, he emphasized that they’ve always been affectionate towards one another.

“Sa tagal ko ba naman sa industriya, papatol pa ba tayo?” he said in response. “Ipinagkibit-balikat na lang yun at mas maraming may kuwentang gawin sa buhay kaysa pumatol.”

“I’ve been in the industry for so long, should I still comment on this? I shrugged it off. There are more worthwhile things to do in life then to respond to haters.”

last week during our Father’s Day show with @sunlifeph 🙂

A photo posted by Inigo Dominic Pascual (@iminigopascual) on

More Piolo and Iñigo bonding moments on the next page

It may be unusual for some to see a teenage boy be so attached to his dad but since 18-year-old Iñigo didn’t grow up with Piolo, it’s natural for the youngster to crave affection and attention from his dad.

Most recently, fashion designer/entrepreneur Victoria Beckham unintentionally started a debate after sharing a photo of her sharing an affectionate moment with her daughter. Much like Piolo, Victoria brushed off the comments. However, she decided not to respond to it at all.

My gym buddy:) @iminigopascual

A photo posted by Piolo Jose Pascual (@piolo_pascual) on

In a previous interview, Iñigo opened up about how he “grew up watching (his) dad handle intrigues.” Though things didn’t work out between Piolo and Iñigo’s mom, he never harbored any ill feelings toward his dad. He even credits him for guiding him through his journey to stardom.

“I learned from him as well,” added the young star. “He’s always there naman po. He’s very watchful of what I’m doing and he’s giving me advice.”

When they’re not busy with their showbiz commitments, they hang out and hit the gym together.

…is how we roll… (and rest in bet sets.. IG for a few) ..then repeat

A photo posted by Piolo Jose Pascual (@piolo_pascual) on

On how his mom, Donabelle Lazaro, is handling all the attention, Iñigo shared in a previous interview that “she’s kind of used to it”.

“I mean, she was with my dad before, so she kind of knows how the pattern goes, how showbiz works,” Iñigo said. “There are still times she gets – not naman bullied – but when people say bad things about her, she gets affected.” Adding that he encourages her to use it as a motivation to strive to prove their haters wrong.

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