Pope Francis writes a children's book

Pope Francis writes a children's book

Teaching your kids about God and being a good Catholic can be a challenge. Make it easier by going straight to the best source that God has on Earth—Pope Francis.

Passing on the Catholic faith is a challenge to parents, and so the responsibility of teaching is sometimes left up to their children’s religion classes, Sunday school, or to hearing Sunday mass to get the message across.

While teaching by example is still the best way to make the lessons stick, it also helps when catholic doctrines are explained in a kid-friendly way, such as through easy-to-understand stories and activities.

The book, Dear Pope Francis, aims to do just that. Kids around the world wrote letters to Pope Francis, and the answers are found in the upcoming book, out in March this year in the United States. The book includes answers to 30 questions from kids all over the world, including the Philippines.

The project started out with 250 letters written in 14 languages to choose from, coming from 26 countries. 50 letters were presented to Pope Francis, along with the children’s artwork. The entries were whittled down to 30 letters to answer.

How did the Pontiff write the book?

In an hour and half, the Holy Father answered each question verbally, in a mix of Italian and Spanish. Father Antonio Spadaro, a Jesuit and the Director of a Roman Catholic journal in Rome called La Civilta Cattolica, served as the liaison between the Pope and the publisher, Loyola Press.

Father Spadaro also served as transcriptionist of Pope Francis’ answers. The Holy Father’s answers weren’t edited or condensed, and went to print and published as they were said by the Pope. The book will be released in both English and Spanish editions.

Before the book’s release, the children who were able to have their letters chosen by Pope Francis will travel to Rome along with their parents to meet the Pope in person. The kids will be coming from a varied list of countries, including the United States, China, Argentina, Kenya, India, Canada, and the Philippines.

Pope Francis writes children book

Question from Alexandra, 10, from the Philippines. Photo courtesy of The Loyola Press

Pope Francis, who is known to have a soft spot for children, was asked by 7-year-old William, who hails from the United States. His question is one of the entries included in the book, and he asked if the Pope could do one miracle, what would be choose to do?

The Holy Father’s response was characteristic of his persona, saying, “I would heal children. I’ve never been able to understand why children suffer. It’s a mystery to me. I don’t have an explanation.” (Perhaps the Supreme Pontiff is foreshadowing his future saintly deeds? Read here on how some parents say that Pope Francis cured their children.)

His answers, both simple and insightful, will offer guidance and clarity to both children and their parents alike. Check out a few pages of the book here. Contact your local bookstore for reservations or inquiries about the book.

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