4 signs you're about to have a mommy meltdown and how to prevent it

4 signs you're about to have a mommy meltdown and how to prevent it

Stop a mommy meltdown in its tracks by dealing with it before it's too late!

Being a mom, whether you go to the office or stay at home, means facing each day’s challenges with limitless patience. It requires you to be nurturing, compassionate, strong, and loving. But no mom is perfect and there will be times when you think you’ve exhausted all your energy to prevent a mommy meltdown. Worse, there will be times when the anxiety and demands of raising a family can get too much for you that you just want to give up.

Can you relate? The good news is you’re not alone. Many moms can relate to this feeling of being on the verge of a nervous breakdown, but how can you tell if you’re headed down this road? Aside from being overly emotional and easily upset, here are signs that you need to regroup and recharge to prevent a mommy meltdown.

1. You’re detaching from your partner

If you feel that you’re withdrawing or pulling away from your husband, it may be time to consider if you have brewing anger or resentment towards them. Instead of isolating yourself, reach out and tell your partner what you’re feeling. Chances are, they’re also unsure how to approach you. The first step to preventing a mommy meltdown is recognizing you need help and seeking it out.

2. You’re giving in to your kids

Do you tend to just give in without a fight when you know you should be disciplining your kids? This may be a sign of an impending meltdown because it shows you simply do not have the energy to fight anymore. If this has been happening, try your best not to simply say ‘yes’ to all of your kids demands. Talk to them and set clear expectations. If they push and you don’t have the strength to explain, don’t shut them out. Instead, promise to discuss it further with them at a later time (or when you’re feeling better).

4 signs you're about to have a mommy meltdown and how to prevent it

Stop a mommy meltdown in its tracks by knowing the signs before it’s too late

3. You say “yes” to everyone without caring for yourself

Self-care is so underrated. Wanting and pursuing me time does not make you a bad mom. Caring for yourself will make you a better and more content caregiver. Don’t run yourself ragged to the point of exhaustion. Take time to watch a movie alone, go to the salon, or take that exercise class you’ve been meaning to take. Do whatever it is you think is best for you to feel in tune with yourself again. By doing this, you can also teach your kids the importance of loving themselves.

4.You’re struggling with changes at work and at home

Life changes can be overwhelming. Anything that changes your routine, be it good or bad, requires adjustment. For instance, your husband now has to travel more for work or you just got a promotion, which requires you to work longer hours. Whatever it is, it can already add to your already heavy load, especially if you’re already feeling overwhelmed.

Get help. Even 4-year-olds can help with household chores, for instance. Tell your child’s yaya when you just need a break. If you don’t have a helper, reach out to trusted relatives or your parents to help you with child care duties.

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