Processed meat cancer risk is real, says WHO

Processed meat cancer risk is real, says WHO

Processed meat now ranks higher in cancer-causing substances than red meat, setting up shop right next to smoking. Take a look at why the WHO says that hot dogs, sausages, and bacon cause cancer.

In not one but 800 studies collated by the International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) and presented by the World Health Organization (WHO), they found "sufficient evidence in humans that the consumption of processed meat causes colorectal cancer”.

One of the most important findings in the studies that were composed of acquired data from 448,568 people in 10 European countries is this:

Eating 50g of processed meat daily raises your risk of cancer by 18%.

Processed meat now ranks alongside smoking in WHO’s list of cancer-causing substances.

What does the study consider “processed meat”?

The study considered any meat that has been salted, cured, fermented or smoked.

This includes hot dogs, canned meats, dried meat, sausages and even prepared meat sauces as foods that pose cancer risks.

For us Filipino moms, you can include favorites such as tocino and tapa.

The study did not mention prepared, ready-to-fry fish and canned fish meat.

But how much is 50g of processed meat?

A 50-gram serving of bacon is usually the same volume as half a quarter-pound burger. Consuming a serving this large every day can definitely raise your processed meat cancer risk.

processed meat cancer risk

So we should cut it out of our diet

Hold on, mommies. No need to panic.

According to health experts, the study's main message is to eat everything in moderation.

A thin slice of bacon or a small sausage that comes up to less than 50g can be eaten per day.

They go even further to say that if everyone ate this little in terms of processed meats, the number of cancer deaths all over the world would go down by 3%.

This means that it’s all right to eat processed meats as long as you don’t serve it to your family every day and in small portions.

Good ol' home cooking is still the safest and healthiest food for your brood.

What do you think, mommies? Are you cutting down on the kids’ favorite bacon and processed meats?

Tell us about it in the comments!

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