7 ways sports can help your child achieve future success

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Sports don't just provide fun diversions for kids, they can actually help them lead better lives!

How can you raise a successful child?

As parents, you want your child to grow up with the right skills to reach their dreams. You work hard for them, to give them the best opportunities and a good headstart in life.

But you should also remember that the best way to set them up for success is to inspire the drive and determination that comes from within. It should all begin with honing their values and character from a young age.

One way that will help you raise a successful child is through sports. Not only do sports build up character, it helps them socialize, and establish meaningful friendships.

Here’s How Sports Can Help You Raise a Successful Child

raise a successful child

To raise a successful child, teach them to love sports! | image courtesy: MILO Philippines

1. Sports help develop DISCIPLINE

The discipline learned in sports can help kids thrive and excel in school and everything they set their mind to. 

“My parents always made sure that we strive for excellence. Through basketball, I developed the value of discipline and perseverance which I am able to apply in my role as a student and now as an entrepreneur,” says Chris Tiu, pro basketball champion and MILO BEST Center graduate.

2. Being an athlete teaches you the value of TEAMWORK

The ability to work well with others is an essential life skill, both in school and later on in work. Being unable to collaborate can hinder future growth, learning, as well as relationships, both personal and professional.

“Talent wins games, but teamwork and intelligence win championships,” Michael Jordan, one of the greatest basketball players of all time, once said.

This is true in both sports and in life. 

3. Sports builds up your child’s CONFIDENCE

Excelling in any endeavor, including sports, requires a strong belief in your capabilites despite your imperfections and struggles. 

“Volleyball has changed me so much and has helped in my holistic growth as a person,” says Alyssa Valdez, pro Volleyball champion and Milo Ambassador. “Don’t be discouraged by the challenges that may get in the way, believing in yourself will make you better and stronger!” 

4. Playing sports teaches kids to RESPECT authority

When it comes to learning sports, kids learn to respect their coaches and mentors. But beyond obeying authority, respecting others also helps kids learn to respect themselves.

“Respect your coaches for their wisdom and knowledge. Respect your teammates and opponents as they help you grow. Respect yourself as you have all the potential to become a great student-athlete,” shares Japoy Lizardo, a taekwondo jin and loving dad.

5. Engaging in sports teaches kids PERSEVERANCE

As legendary baseball icon Babe Ruth once said, “every strike brings me closer to the next home run.”

This shows how the best players have this consistently optimistic attitude. Just because you can’t ALWAYS win, it doesn’t mean you should stop playing the game. 

6. Sports teach kids the value of HARD WORK

Dreams are nothing without hard work to back it up. Coach Rio Dela Cruz, an international marathoner, running coach, and event organizer shares how he “took on several jobs before being able to pursue my love for running full-time.”

He even had to “run barefoot because I didn’t have the right shoes to use.”

Through hard work, he managed to get a scholarship into a prestigious school and the rest is history.

7. It teaches PATIENCE, which is an essential ingredient to success!

To raise a successful child, moms and dads should teach kids that there is no such thing as instant success. Anything worth having is worth working for.

What’s more, it’s not always about winning or besting others. Thriving in sports, as in life, means being in competition with only yourself, to constantly strive to grow and improve.

Embrace the struggles as part of the process.

“Everyone’s dream can come true if you just stick to it and work hard,” says world champion Tennis star Serena Williams.

Being an athlete is not easy. It requires both strength of the body and resilience of the spirit. So pursuing this path, no matter how small the beginning might be, sets kids on a journey to greatness.


How do you make sure you raise a successful child? Let us know in the comments below!

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