Mom endangers children after reckless driving incident

Mom endangers children after reckless driving incident

A mother who was stopped for illegal parking reportedly got into her car with her children and drove away, starting a car chase with a number of MMDA traffic enforcers.

A mother who was pulled over by traffic enforcers for illegal parking was caught on camera getting into her car and then driving away. She was then chased by the enforcers, who eventually caught up with her, and warned that what she did could be considered as reckless driving.

Reckless driving incident: The mother had her children with her in the car

In the viral video uploaded by Gadget Addict, the woman can be seen parked along the highway where she was pulled over by enforcers. However, instead of staying put, the woman suddenly drove away, which caused the traffic enforcers to quickly follow her along the highway.

The car chase went on for three kilometers, where the woman stopped at a government office where she worked. She then showed her ID to the enforcer, and apologized for what she did.

The enforcers then lectured her and told her that what she did was reckless driving, and she could've endangered the children inside the car as well as other motorists.

Check out the video below:

She got angry when the enforcer talked about her children

According to the video, the woman maintained that she wasn't illegally parked on the highway, saying that she wanted to grab a bottle of water from a nearby convenience store.

However, according to the enforcer, she was parked since she stepped out of the vehicle and was no longer in the driver's seat. The enforcer added that the penalties include confiscation of her license, a fine, and a mandatory traffic rules seminar. 

While an enforcer was lecturing her, she quickly got angry when she was told that she was endangering her children. She said, "Shut up! You put my kids out of this conversation! Shut up! Don’t drag my kids into this conversation!"

The enforcer then decided to back off, and the video ends.

Netizens were quick to share their opinions, and most of them agree that what the woman did was wrong. One netizen said that instead of trying to run away, she should have just accepted the ticket, and contested the ticket later.

Another netizen said that while she wasn't driving fast, the way she was weaving in and out of traffic could've put her kids in danger.

It's always important for moms and dads to make safety a number one priority on the road, especially when you have children inside the vehicle. Hopefully, this incident will never happen again, and the mother learned her lesson.



Photos screencapped from Facebook

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