Enjoy a family getaway in Antipolo for less than Php 5000

Enjoy a family getaway in Antipolo for less than Php 5000

Antipolo is a great place for a cheap, enriching getaway for the family. You can pack in swimming, food tripping, picnicking and trips to caves and museums in just three days and two nights!

resorts in antipolo

Antipolo resorts all have this amazing mountain view.

Did you know that with less than Php 5,000, you can enjoy an entire weekend of swimming and fun-filled outdoor activities in Antipolo? Dotted with numerous vacation spots that offer a spectacular view of the Metro, a trip to any one of the budget-friendly resorts in Antipolo may take an hour or two even with heavy traffic.

Getting to Antipolo

Depending on which of the resorts in Antipolo you want to visit, you can get to it from the Antipolo Cathedral. You can get on a jeep at the LRT 2 Santolan station that can take you all the way to the church. You can then contract a tricycle to get you to a resort for Php 100.

If you’re driving, you can go to the Antipolo Cathedral through Ortigas or Masinag. Just follow Ortigas up Robinson’s Galleria and you’ll get to Antipolo Cathedral at the very end. The Masinag route means you have to turn right on Sumulong Highway after going through Cubao and Marcos Hi-way. Turn right at the end of J.P. Rizal street and you’ll find yourself at the Antipolo Cathedral.

Where to stay in Antipolo?

Since there are a lot of resorts in Antipolo, it’s normal for you to look for which would suit your family and budget best. Bosay Resort offers the best rates for rooms at Php 2000 a night. It also has the most variety of pools and the most value for your money since you get cooking facilities and other activities.

Real Cove Resort is also a good choice as their rooms include a kitchen where you can cook your food and store perishables, cutting down all your food expenses.

Another cheap option is Antipolo Valley Garden Resort, which has non-airconditioned cottages and some small rooms that ask you to bring your own beddings for as low as Php 900. If your kids are fine with sleeping without beddings, this can be the cheapest option available.

Bosoboso Highlands may be a bit more expensive but they have more amenities than the other Antipolo resorts. Instead of simply swimming, the family can enjoy outdoor sports such as rappelling, zip lines, rope courses and mudslides.

resorts in antipolo

The Pinto Art Museum features work from local artists.

What to do in Antipolo

For starters, you can visit Hinulugang Taktak, a natural waterfall within the municipality that’s been protected by the government. Ask one of the tricycle drivers to take you and your family there to enjoy nature. You can also take a dip in the falls for some natural swimming fun. Keep in mind that your kids have to know how to swim.

Take some time to hear Mass at the Antipolo Cathedral. The best time to go is in May when they have a festival for Our Lady of Peace and Good Voyage. Another attraction is the Mystical Caves of Inday Nelly, which can be found in the lower portions of Antipolo. Filled with religious-looking rock formations, it’s a popular spot for Catholic school field trips.

Another great spot for enriching summer experiences could be the Pinto Art Gallery, a museum that features local art. While the entrance fee may be a bit steep at Php 150, the excellent and thought-provoking scultpures and visual pieces are certainly worth it.

Antipolo is also home My Pot restaurant where the whole family can have all-you-can-eat goodness for only Php 100 per person! The rising star in cheap, excellent home cooking offers the usual fare of sinigang, pork steak, Bicol express and other Filipino food.

resorts in antipolo

Watch the Manila skyline while you have a picnic in Antipolo.

Read more to see an Antipolo getaway for a family of four, complete with itinerary and expenses!

resorts in antipolo

Hinulugang Taktak offers a natural swimming area and picnic tables!

Here’s a 3D/2N itinerary for you at any one of the resorts in Antipolo:

Day 1

  • Drive/commute to your resort (Php 400).
  • Check in to your hotel room (Php 4000 for 2 nights).
  • Have lunch/merienda at the resort restaurant (Php 400 for 4 persons).
  • Go to Hinulugang Taktak and take a tour of the lower levels (Php 160 entrance fee)
  • Eat your baon for the trip for dinner.
  • Bring a board game to play with your family or have some night swimming before sleeping.

Day 2

  • Get up for breakfast at the restaurant or cook your own food at the available grills and stoves attached to your room (Php 400 for 4 persons).
  • Hear Mass at the Antipolo Cathedral.
  • Take pictures around the Antipolo Cathedral’s festival and explore the beautiful park surrounding the church.
  • Break for lunch at My Pot Restaurant. (Php 400 for 4 persons).
  • Go to the Mystic Caves of Inday Nelly (Php 150 for a guide and Php 160 for entrance fees)..
  • Break out the snacks you’ve brought together or eat out at one of the restaurants along the Hi-way.
  • Go back to the resort restaurant for dinner (Php 400 for 4 persons).
  • Have some night swimming at the resort before turning in for the evening.

Day 3

  • Make breakfast or take your meals at the resort restaurant (Php 400 for 4 persons).
  • Go to the Pinto Art Museum (Php 340 for entrance fees).
  • Have lunch at the Bizu cafe attached to the museum (Php 1000+++ for 4 persons).
  • Check out of the hotel.
  • Go back to Manila (Php 400)

Total Bill: Php 4800-Php 10,000, depending on food expenses and the attractions you want to see.

resorts in Antipolo

Have a picnic or enjoy watching the Manila skyline.

Don’t forget to look through our tips and tricks on making the trip even cheaper without taking out any of the fun!

resorts in antipolo

Don’t forget your inflatables!

Cheap Antipolo resorts: tips and tricks

  • Choose the food you bring to the resorts in Antipolo wisely. Adobo usually keeps well and you can make a big batch to eat at the resort, cutting down on food expenses.
  • Bring your childrens’ school ID to get discounts at the Pinto Art Gallery.
  • Talk to the tricycle driver taking you to Bosay or any of the other Antipolo resorts. The driver can fetch you and bring you back to Antipolo church upon checkout.
  • If you only bring in water, soda and non-alcoholic drinks, you don’t have to pay a corkage fee.
  • Check out other free resort amenities such as badminton lawns, volleyball nets and other sports facilities available. If you bring your own ball or rackets, the use is free.
  • Alternate between eating the food your brought and taking the family to the restaurant if you want to relax a bit between meals.

If you’re careful and plan your Antipolo resorts getaway carefully, you can end up paying less than Php 5000 for the whole trip. But if you don’t want to worry about food or other details, just rely on the resort restaurant to get you through the whole weekend.


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