The Rottweiler: A Safe Bet for Family Pet?

The Rottweiler: A Safe Bet for Family Pet?

Looking for a family pet? Read this article to check out the pros and cons of getting a Rottweiler.


Life with a Dog

Life with a dog truly is a lot of fun. Growing up with one makes life a lot fuller. Like it or not, a pet dog introduced to a home will eventually become part of the family. Making that big decision of owning a dog has to be done by the whole family. And it must take time and discussion before it’s actually carried out.

Who’s going to take care of it? Do we have the resources to own one? Where do we get one? What breed is the right one for us? These are a few of the big questions that come with owning a dog.

Generally speaking, a dog can be trained in varying degrees, and depending on its breed, the proper nurturing and environment will give you the perfect pet. Choosing the right breed of dog can be quite a challenge to the uninitiated, but with the right facts, you can’t go wrong. In this article, let’s consider a popular breed called the Rottweiler.


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A Natural Protector

A healthy Rottweiler in its prime appears absolutely mighty with its calculated strides and muscular 50-kilogram frame. Just by its appearance, one could surmise how much power is hidden beneath its shiny dark exterior. Usually, the Rottweiler is 95% black-coated with the rest tan or rust in color along its snout, on its forechest, and right above its paws.

Originally bred as companions for the Roman legion, the Rottweiler ancestors were tasked to herd the many cattle which travelled with them to further expand their territory. The cattle were the entire army’s main source of sustenance, and since there was no way to preserve beef at that time, the dogs astutely herded the cattle in their journey.

Also in the job description of a Rottweiler pack was protecting the cattle at all costs from bandits and the wild. In modern times, the Rottweiler is considered a working class dog because of its massive frame, strength, and demeanor. It was popularized again in the 1900's as a police dog because of its natural instinct to courageously defend its master with utmost loyalty.


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Barking Up the Wrong Tree

The Rottweiler is really one of the top dog breeds, but it is not for everybody. The following are major misconceptions one usually makes in considering a Rottweiler as his family’s companion. Be wary of these wrong mindsets. If you’re planning to get a Rottweiler specifically for your children, you’re making a catastrophic mistake. In a common household, the one mainly responsible for the Rottweiler should be the head of the family.

This breed requires that his direct superior gets the most respect from the pack he is living in. In other words, he has to be daddy’s dog. His primary master must be the strongest, so that when the domestic Rottweiler grows to be a hundred pounds or more, physically powerful papa has no problem pulling his leash. And speaking of leash, one can’t walk around the village with an unleashed Rottweiler.

That would be another grave mistake. The Rotty loves exercise and a lot of socialization and because of this, it gets easily excited about joggers and other dogs. You don’t want to end up at the wrong end of the leash; remember that the Rottweiler was formerly employed to pull carts.

When idle, the best place to keep a Rottweiler is a wide fenced area. Definitely, a small condo unit is not the place for an active dog of this size. Although it rarely makes a sound, it’s loud and deep bark alone could scare the neighbors out of their sleep. Lastly, do not think that a Rottweiler can stand in for a piece of furniture in your house. If you want a lazy dog, consider something else, like a basset hound or a bulldog. A Rottweiler craves for constant activity, work or play. It will definitely not relish being a couch potato.


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To Rott or Not?

Rottweilers make excellent family companions, but this is not achieved without proper guidance and training. It’s best to get a Rottweiler while still a pup, so that it ages knowing everybody in the family. A well-trained Rotty is safe to be around young kids whom it knows, but daddy’s presence makes playtime with it safer tenfold.

Since it is very protective of its circle, outsiders may be treated with hostility. Without an “alpha dog” figure to lead it, the Rottweiler will take his role, wreak havoc where it lies, and do as it pleases. But don’t get the wrong impression that the Rott is just all that. It’s a loyal, loving, and goofy dog, which seeks to entertain the people around it as much as it wants to protect them.

Owners even claim that it’s “more human” than some humans! It takes a patient, strong, and very responsible owner to fully earn the right of being a Rottweiler’s master. So, is your home ready for a Rotty?




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