Saab Magalona donates 100 bags of her breastmilk!

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About a month after losing one of her twins, actress and mom Saab Magalona decided to donate her extra breastmilk to the Human Milk Bank.

Based on a tweet that she posted last Friday, March 23, Saab Magalona is using her loss to help out other moms.

Saab Magalona donated her excess breastmilk

The actress and mother posted a tweet wherein she said that she has donated 100 bags of breast milk to the Human Milk Bank.

She also encouraged other moms who have excess breast milk to donate it to milk banks. That way, moms who are unable to produce enough breastmilk can provide their children with "liquid gold."

Saab added that she also set aside some bags of her frozen breast milk to give to a newborn whose mother passed away.

Netizens praised her actions, and some said that they admire Saab for being so strong in spite of her daughter's death.

Milk banks are important

Milk banks are a very important resource, especially for poorer countries such as the Philippines. That's because milk banks can give mothers who are unable to produce enough milk an opportunity to breastfeed their little ones.

The donated milk plays a vital role in a newborn baby's health and can greatly improve their health and strengthen their immune system. Utilizing milk banks is also a cheaper alternative compared to buying expensive formula milk.

Moms who produce excess breast milk should try and coordinate with the Human Milk Bank in the Philippines should they wish to donate their excess milk.

That way, newborn babies in the Philippines can reap from the benefits that "liquid gold" can provide. 


Source: CNN Philippines

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