READ: Saab Magalona's response to people telling her "Ay, naging chubby ka na!"

READ: Saab Magalona's response to people telling her "Ay, naging chubby ka na!"

Referring to a comment that someone made regarding her weight, mom-to-be Saab Magalona posted on Instagram her classy response to people calling her "chubby".

Being pregnant is never easy. And for a lot of pregnant moms, the last thing they need is someone commenting on their weight. That's why mom-to-be Saab Magalona decided to chime in and share her classy response to people calling her "chubby"

What does Saab Magalona have to say?

In an Instagram post, Saab shared an experience she recently had with someone who told her that she gained weight:

"Yesterday somebody greeted me with 'Ay, naging chubby ka na!' and it took so much for me not to snap at her. Calmed down and after 5mins I told her, 'You know, you really shouldn’t tell people — especially pregnant women — that they’ve gotten fat. It’s very mean.' I explained to her that we have no choice but to gain weight (recommended 35-45lbs for twin moms like me) for the safety of our babies and we’re already feeling self-conscious about it."

"She apologized profusely and even sent me a text message hours later thanking me for educating her about being more sensitive," she added.

Saab also quipped that "I’m glad I controlled myself even with the hormones because I trust that most people don’t intend to be mean. They’re just pretty dense and that’s their version of chikahan or bonding."

What a classy response!

Stop mom-shaming!

Saab's story sheds light on how difficult it is for moms to be judged. During your pregnancy, you'll hear a lot of people asking if you gained weight, or saying that you're becoming too fat. After giving birth, you'll hear more of the same things. Some people might even tell you that you already need to lose weight.

And it's not just about physical appearance. Moms also get shamed for not being a "good mom" or not doing things "the right way." This is especially true for moms who, for one reason or another, aren't able to breastfeed their child.

It's important for everyone to know that moms already have a lot on their plate as it is. And they don't need to be judged or feel bad just because they do things differently, or they don't fit society's idea of the "perfect mom." What's more important is for moms to help each other out, be more supportive and stop mom-shaming.

After all, being a mom isn't a competition. It's all about making sure that your children grow up healthy and happy. And really, that's the number one thing that moms want for their kids.



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