8 Smart ways to help your family save money in 2019

8 Smart ways to help your family save money in 2019

These simple money hacks will surely help you have a financially smart 2019!

As a parent, you want to give your kids the best in life. But spoiling them – and  yourself – frequently can cause you to lose sight of your long-term goals. Are you trying hard to save family money?

As we head into the new year, we look forward to staying true to resolutions, even though they may be challenging.

If you’re determined to be more money smart this 2019, here are 8 ways you can help your family save money.

Save family money- Hacks for 2019

save family money

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1. Don’t spend too much time in the supermarket.

We all know the golden rule: Do not go to the grocery store when you’re hungry!

But another guideline worth following is not shopping for every little item as soon as you run out. Wait until you need at least 10 items, then head to the store. Always remember to prioritise needs over wants.

2. Be more determined to cook your own meals.

We are all in a rush, so it can often be a challenge to whip up meals for our families. But eating out or buying takeout can hurt your savings.

Not only will cooking at home save family money, it gives you more control over your diet.

It can help you choose dishes that help you slim down, if that’s part of your 2019 resolution list too.

3. Refrain from swiping credit cards as much as possible.

Though credit cards are helpful, we should not become dependent on them.

Hide them away – some even suggest sticking them in the freezer – and do not use them unless absolutely necessary.

Make purchases in cash, so you’ll know exactly where your money is going.

4. Don’t let a day go by without saving.

Whatever purchase you make, keep in mind that your goal is not to spend, but to save as much as you can.

Try to go for discounts and promos. There are a lot, actually. Just make use of the internet to find them! Or ask a salesperson at the store.

save family money

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5. Make a financial to-do list.

In the same way you list errands and tick them off when you’re done, you should also apply this habit to your finances.

After all, without your finances, you wouldn’t be able to get through your errands list, right?

Your financial to-do list can include short-term (like daily savings, grocery expenses) or long-term goals (like retirement or insurance).

6. Sell what you no longer use.

Do not be a hoarder. Most of us attach too much meaning to things we no longer use.

Decluttering and selling things not only help you earn, they also have a positive effect on your mental health.

7. Don’t throw things out after just one use!

Make the most out of your purchases by maximising their use. This applies to things like sandwich bags, Ziploc bags, plastic containers, plastic utensils, makeup products, and even teabags!

8. Remember: Every little bit helps.

Instead of getting that fancy frappe cappuccino, why not go for a simple brewed coffee at home?

Go for a stroll in the park instead of hanging out in a mall, where practically every activity requires you to shell out cash.

Or, better yet, stay at home and spend time with your family watching TV or playing board games instead of painting the town red week after week.

These little sacrifices – which when you think about it aren’t really difficult at all – can truly make a big difference!

Here’s to a money-smart and prosperous 2019!


Sources: The New York Times, CNBC.com

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