Check out Scarlet Snow’s adventures in Japan!

Check out Scarlet Snow’s adventures in Japan!

Scarlet Snow recently went to Japan along with her parents Dra. Vicki Belo and Hayden Kho, and she is just as cute as ever!

Super cute Scarlet Snow Belo is at it again! This time, she's with her mom and dad, having fun in Japan!

Scarlet Snow in Japan!

Just take a look at how cute Scarlet looks in this photo!

The post is captioned with: "Remember last night I was training with Daddy and Mr. Gundam Robot? My training is finished and now I'm ready for the bottle.???? Training is tiring. "

And here's another super cute photo, this time with her dad, Hayden, handing over a samurai sword to little Scarlet.

The photo is captioned with: "Ohayōgozaimasu! It's wake up time and we're heading to our first stop, Kamakura. We're going to visit the many shrines, temples, and Shinto gates.⛩ Did you know that during the Samurai period, they did not have doctors and hospitals so they just prayed and prayed when they get hurt or sick. That's why they made so many shrines!"

They went on an amazing 5-day adventure

The lovely family went on a five-day adventure in Japan, and it has been very memorable for the entire family, especially since it has been 10 years since Hayden last went to Japan.

Along with visiting the various shrines, temples and gates in Kamakura, they also went shopping and saw all the sights and sounds that Japan has to offer.


Photos screen capped from:

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