Vicki Belo shares how Scarlet Snow feels about fame

Vicki Belo shares how Scarlet Snow feels about fame

With over 2 million Instagram followers, Scarlet Snow is easily one of the most popular babies on the Internet.

At the age of three, Scarlet Snow has won the hearts of millions. But the daughter of celebrity doctors Vicki Belo and Hayden Kho has yet to grasp just how famous she truly is!

In a recent interview with PUSH, mum Vicki says her youngest daughter has “zero idea” about her giant fanbase.

For Scarlet Snow, fame is still a foreign concept…

For Scarlet Snow, fame may still be a foreign concept, but she does wonder about one thing.

“She wonders why everybody knows who she is. Whenever we go anywhere they know. She asks me, ‘How come mommy everybody knows my name?’” shares Vicki.

scarlet snow fame

Though she charms everyone wherever they go, mum Vicki explains it still takes her a while to “warm up” to people. | Photo: Scarlet Snow Instagram account

“I know you all know her to be friendly from Instagram but it takes her a while to warm up to people so she is very friendly and happy kung kilala ka niya,” clarifies the mum.

She might not understand her popularity, but Scarlet already knows what Instagram is!

Dad Hayden shares in an interview with PEP that Scarlet does have an inkling of what Instagram is after he explained it to her, knowing that she’s smart enough to understand it.

“Scarlet sort of understands because I’ve showed her before. [I said,] ‘Scarlet, this is Instagram.’ Hindi namin ito bini-baby eh. We believe she can do anything,” he proudly shares. “So, I explained to her before that this is Instagram, and whenever we post a video of you, people like it, people watch it.

Continuing, he recalls telling her, “There’s so many people who care for you, so many people who love you. Yung level of exposure kung gaanong karaming followers, I don’t think she understands. She can only count to a hundred maybe, but not yet two million.”

scarlet snow fame

Dad Hayden has explained what Instagram is to Scarlet, believing that even though she’s young, she’s smart enough to understand! | Photo: Scarlet Snow Instagram account

While she has amassed a large following on social media, parents Vicki and Hayden make sure to limit her internet exposure, only allowing her to use the iPad one hour daily.

“That is really our way to reward her. They have studies that show that when she watches the iPad or phone she becomes impatient and irritable,” Vicki continues in an interview with PUSH.

Because of this, the hands-on mum has made sure to allow her 30 minutes at lunch and 30 minutes at dinner.

But she admits it is a struggle to say “no” to her daughter, as any parent would agree.

The rest of her downtime is spent reading books.

“She loves books,” shares Vicki.

scarlet snow fame

Mum Vicki and Dad Hayden limit her iPad time, nurturing her love for books! | Photo: Scarlet Snow Instagram account

Mum Vicki wants to raise Scarlet as ‘normal’ as possible

On the rare occasion that they do go out in public, Vicki confides that it can be overwhelming for Scarlet when fans enthusiastically approach them for photos.

“We think it’s very hard. People also sometimes don’t realize she’s only a baby,” explained Vicki during a Red Ribbon event launching Scarlet as their new brand ambassador.

“So of course I’ve been with stars all my life and I’ve seen how they take pictures into the face and they do that to Scarlet so parang it’s medyo traumatic for her because she doesn’t know what’s going on,” she continued, explaining why they prefer to take her to friends’ houses for playtime.

scarlet snow fame

Mum Vicki makes sure that she gets to enjoy life away from the spotlight as much as possible! | Photo: Scarlet Snow Instagram account

“We go abroad a lot. In Japan, hardly anybody knew who she was. So she was able to run around like a normal child,” adds Vicki.

In school, Scarlet’s classmates are mostly foreigners — Koreans, Japanese, Russians — so Vicki says this helps her have a “normal” childhood.

Hindi nila kilala kung sino si Scarlet so they treat her like anybody. Hindi niya talaga alam.”

While it’s amazing that Scarlet Snow manages to bring joy to many, it’s reassuring that mum Vicki is determined to shield her from the pressures of fame, letting her enjoy her childhood by doing what she loves and letting her shine brightly even away from the spotlight.


Sources: PUSH ABS-CBN, PEP, Rappler

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