6 Celebrities over 40 with the sexiest dad bods!

6 Celebrities over 40 with the sexiest dad bods!

Find out how these fit at 40 celebrity dads maintain their enviable physique!

When we hear the word "Dad Bod," we don't exactly expect to see six-pack abs. But over the years since the slang term rose to popularity, it's been redefined. While it originally meant a "softly round" male body type seen in those who no longer feel the need to work out, it's expanded in meaning and many are using it to refer to all types of dad bodies. In fact, "dad bod" has come to mean embracing whatever shape you're in, confidently!

Confidence doesn't come hard for these celeb dads who prove that life gets fitter at 40!

Piolo Pascual

Papa P, as he is fondly called, just hit the big 4-0 and he is just getting more crushable with age. What we love the most is how he makes fitness a family fair. He's often seen biking or hitting the gym with his 19-year-old son Iñigo.

Got me the best photographer to capture the moment... ?

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Robin Padilla

The timeless heartthrob and action star owes his lasting appeal to his "bad boy" image. But even fit idols have their own fitspirations. The 47-year-old dad of seven credits late actor Bruce Lee for his commitment to staying fit and practicing mixed martial arts.

In a past interview with ABS-CBN he also shared how he values a proper diet.

"Ang advice ko mag-oatmeal ka muna," he shared. "Tumira ka muna ng hanggang isang mangkok na oatmeal bago ka kumain ng kanin. Importante ang fiber sa katawan eh."

Richard Yap

The dad-of-two rose to fame later in life, but he caught up fast with the hottest heartthrobs on TV and film.

His motivation for keeping fit?  Staying healthy for the ones he loves.

"There are so many people getting sick all the time. We really have to exert effort to be healthy. I guess it’s a way of life for me," the 50-year-old dad of two shared with PEP. "We need to be healthy not only for ourselves, but also for the people we really care about. We need to think about the people we love. So we need to consider that health is always wealth."

His workout of choice? Circuit and weight training with pylometrics or jump training. Despite his busy schedule, he tries his best to hit the gym 3 to 5 times a week for at least 45 minutes per day.

Pasimflex ??

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Ian Veneracion

Not only is the handsome 42-year-old dad one of the most sought after leading men in showbiz, he is also a pilot, musician, painter, and a biking enthusiast.

How does he maintain his envious dad bod? By boxing, weight training, basketball, and doing lots of cardio!

He's also a thrill seeker, who loves skydiving and exploring unpaved mountain roads on his motorcycle!

"Burn Baby Burn" (Baby fat?) Thanks @gncph #GNCStartHere

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John Estrada

The 44-year-old actor and dad of five is also a golf enthusiast! We also love how honest he is! In a recent interview with Ricky Lo, he admitted that he underwent a butt enhancement surgery.

He also shared that he feels lucky to have a naturally fast metabolism. Though he confesses that he puts himself on a strict diet of "fish, steamed or grilled but never fried, and vegetables" before a show. He also said he doesn't workout so much and only does push-ups.

Coolangatta beach gold coast with this babe... nice...nice...nice

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Richard Gomez

The 51-year-old actor/athlete has a passion for sports, specifically volleyball! It also helps that his gorgeous wife, Congresswoman Lucy Torres Gomez shares his passion for fitness. He also loves archery, biking, and is totally fine with his body.

"I’m happy with my body," he said in an interview. "I’m okay as I am."

We totally agree!

Archery at home to keep my mind focused.

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