Son says 'thank you' to his hardworking mom by taking her on an Asian tour!

Son says 'thank you' to his hardworking mom by taking her on an Asian tour!

After working 20 hard years in Hong Kong, this moms finally gets to retire, and she's doing it by going on an Asian tour with her son!

Parents sacrifice a lot to provide for their kids. For 61-year-old Teresita Alcanzare, she worked hard in Hong Kong for 20 years, sacrificing time that she could have spent taking care of her kids and watching them grow up, just to make sure she can earn enough money to provide for their daily needs.

But after her retirement, she got an amazing gift from one of her children, an all expense paid tour around Asia, along with her son!

"Hi Ma, it's time to go home!"

In his Facebook page, Hans Alcanzare gave thanks to his mother for working so hard for 20 years, in order to provide for him and his siblings.

He writes, "Hi Ma, it's time to go home! Finally, dumating na ang araw ng Graduation mo! I know excited kana at Susunduin na kita dahil overstaying kana dito sa Hongkong."

He then goes on to say, "Galit na galit ako sayo noon ng iwan mo kami kasi diko pa naiintindihan lahat why you have to leave us. Di naging madali ang lahat para sa atin dahil maraming pagsubok ang dumaan at halos magkawatak watak pa tayo."

It was all worth it in the end

Because of Teresita's hard work, all of her kids have finished college, and are now professionals in their respective fields. And finally, she can retire and be with her family so that they can spend some time together.

But for now, Teresita and her son Hans, are currently on an Asian tour, which they started by going to Singapore, then Indonesia, Taiwan, Vietnam, Malaysia, and Macau, before finally going home to the Philippines.

The hard work and sacrifice that Teresita did for 20 years is finally worth it in the end. And she truly deserves every thanks and all the gifts that her kids can give her!


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