Stay-at-home mom makes incredible food art for kids

Stay-at-home mom makes incredible food art for kids

It all started as a creative solution to get her kids to eat right but little did Samantha Lee know that her appetizing food art would make her an internet star.

Back in 2008, Samantha Lee wanted to find a way to make meal times fun for her kids. So she put her creativity to good use.

7 years later, the Malaysian has become an internet sensation with over 700,000 Instagram followers awaiting her every quirky, culinary creation.

We scoured her feed and put together our most recent favorites.


These corn minions are so cute you almost don't want to take a bite! (Almost.)

Ba-ba-ba-ba-ba nana #leesamantha #minions

A photo posted by Samantha Lee (@leesamantha) on

May the Toast be with you...

This delectable tribute to Darth Vader would be great to wake up to!


May the force be with you. (For more, follow along on snapchat: iamleesamantha). #leesamantha #starwars A photo posted by Samantha Lee (@leesamantha) on

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This is one way to get kids to eat their veggies. Thanks to beloved Disney characters Wall-E and Eva!

Eve & Wall•E. The cutest robotic couple ???? #leesamantha #pixar

A photo posted by Samantha Lee (@leesamantha) on

Road trip, food trip

Kids of all generations have fallen in love with Snoopy and Charlie Brown. This is sure to be a hit with kids and parents alike! 

Happiness is going on a road trip with my best friend. (Idea from @snoopygrams ) #leesamantha #peanuts A photo posted by Samantha Lee (@leesamantha) on

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Disneyfied Dish

Who better than Mickey and Minnie to get kids to eat healthy?

Mickey & Minnie. (Remake version) #leesamantha #Disney

A photo posted by Samantha Lee (@leesamantha) on

Anime goodness

Who isn't a Studio Ghibli fan? Here, Samantha pays tribute to one of Miyazaki's most memorable characters, Totoro.

Totoro, mini totoro and soot sprites, which form the trifecta of anime awesomeness. #leesamantha #foodart A photo posted by Samantha Lee (@leesamantha) on

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'Party animals'

We're sure her kids' friends love coming over to their place because every day feels like a special occasion!

Parisiene Pancakes

Wake up in Paris with this breakfast with a side of berries!

Final foodart of 2014- Dream a little dream in Paris! 2014, a year to remember. Thank you all for the love, support, sweet comments, likes, cakes, food, media, inspiration, support, travel, and your friendships! I wish you a happy and wonderful New year. May all your dreams come true in 2015!

A photo posted by Samantha Lee (@leesamantha) on

Tink Treat

Just add a pinch of salt and a sprinkle of pixie dust and voila!

Tinker Bell ✨ #leesamantha #foodart A photo posted by Samantha Lee (@leesamantha) on

Spooktacular spread!

This Corpse Bride tribute is a yummy treat for any Tim Burton fan!

Just in time for Halloween!

Corpse Bride! (It's never too early for Halloween) #leesamantha #halloween #TimBurton A photo posted by Samantha Lee (@leesamantha) on

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Have you tried making your own food art?

Send your creations to us!

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