The Sunscreen Warning You Simply Cannot Ignore

The Sunscreen Warning You Simply Cannot Ignore

Beware the sunscreen you slather on this summer! These moms are warning other parents after horrifying encounters with sunscreen products.

Now that we're heading into June and it's getting really hot, you might be stocking up on sunscreen for your kids' delicate skin. However, it's crucial to be cautious about the type of product you get.

Because we apply sunscreen right on the skin and face, mishaps can turn horribly severe— as these moms found out.

Swelling and severe burns

Canadian mom Rebecca Cannon had applied aerosol sunscreen to her 14 month-old daughter, expecting it would protect her skin in the summer sun. Imagine her horror when little Kyla developed horrific burns across her face and extreme swelling around her eyes.

The Sunscreen Warning You Simply Cannot Ignore (Image Source: Rebecca Cannon/Facebook)

In an interview with POPSUGAR, the worried mom highlighted that she had carefully checked the safety warnings on the sunscreen can. "It said it was safe for use on all ages unless the child is under 6 months of age." In fact, she says, Kyla had not even been out in the sun.

Here's her latest Facebook post detailing the troubling incident. Hopefully this little tot can make a full recovery!

Three complaints so far

According to a report by The Hamilton Spectator, two other complaints have surfaced in Canada within the last month. All of them involved the same brand of sunscreen that little Kyla allegedly suffered burns from.

The most recent report was made by Montreal mom Caroline Morneau and her nine-month-old son Loïc. In a Facebook post, Caroline detailed her alarm when Loïc returned from nursery with his face burnt.

The Sunscreen Warning You Simply Cannot Ignore (Image Source: Caroline Morneau/Facebook)

She wrote (translated from original French):

"Loïc went to nursery the day before yesterday and he returned with his face like this... at first I was really angry, I said to myself well he cannot have been applied with [sunscreen] cream to have such a bad sunburn! But the nursery confirmed that they had applied [sunscreen] cream on him after 30 minutes because his skin had turned red in the sun.

The blisters appeared yesterday morning, he didn't get that much sun the day before yesterday [so] I didn't understand. Thinking that my son had an allergic reaction to the sun, I went to see his paediatrician and got a shock. Second-degree CHEMICAL BURN.... thanks to the Banana Boat sunscreen cream for babies."

This is her original post:

Currently, Health Canada is looking into these complaints to determine if these sunscreen products pose a safety risk for children. Though these terrifying cases are similar in nature, Health Canada advised that this does not conclusively mean that the sunblock directly caused by these burns.

In a statement, the public health agency said, "Often it is not possible to determine if an adverse reaction reported to Health Canada is a result of using a specific health product."

"Other factors, such as a person's health conditions or other health products they are using at the same time, could contribute to the reaction."

Tips to avoid adverse skin reactions

The Sunscreen Warning You Simply Cannot Ignore

Children's skin is more sensitive and thinner than that of adults. This means they are more sensitive to UV rays, but also makes them more vulnerable to sunscreen products gone awry.

Here are some precautions you can take to guard against adverse sunscreen reactions:

Check for allergies — Allergies to active ingredients in sunscreen can cause skin rashes, swelling, and even blisters. You and your kids can do a pre-emptive check for sunscreen allergies through a patch test with a dermatologist.

Research before buying — A quick Google search can turn up a treasure trove of info about a brand! If other parents have made posts complaining about the product, that's a good warning sign.

The Sunscreen Warning You Simply Cannot Ignore

Choose a trusted brand — Go for a long-established brand, preferably one you've heard about from other parents, rather than choosing by price. When it comes to skin products, quality stuff is worth splurging on.

Try out organic sunscreens — Some natural ingredients offer UV protection, such as raspberry seed oil, which has an SPF of 45, and carrot seed oil, with an SPF between 38-40. Unless your kids are allergic to these natural ingredients, such chemical-free sunscreens are a healthy option for skin protection.

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