10 Sweetest celebrity tributes on Mother's day!

10 Sweetest celebrity tributes on Mother's day!

This past Mother's day, our favorite celebrity parents showed some love to their moms. Take a look at some of the sweetest tributes, here!

1. Rachel Peters

The newly crowned Bb Pilipinas Universe shared just how much she loves her mom, who lives with her dad in Thailand.

"It's not Christmas but it sure felt like it with my parents here last week!" gushed the beauty queen on instagram. "My parents live in Thailand but we keep in touch everyday. In the lead up to Mother's Day I just want to remind you all to thank your mums and tell them how much you love them. Distance got nothing on us!! Love you mummy"

Camille Prats-Yambao

The soon-to-be mom-of-two paid tribute to her mom, who has been both a mother and a grandmother to her son Nathan.

"As Mother's day draws near, I want to celebrate you mom! For being the best mom not only for me but for Nathan as well. I wouldn't be half the mother I am if it weren't for you and everything you taught me. I love you mom!" she wrote on instagram, urging her followers to show their love for their moms every chance the get.

Dimples Romana

Last Mother's day, mom Dimples Romana shared waht parenting lessons she learned from her mom. "Learned everything I needed to know about being a mom from my Mama. Mula sa pagaalaga hanggang sa pagluluto," wrote the actress. "Now we get to spend time together taking care of my kids and cooking for the whole family. Simple moments that mean the world to us."

4. Bettina Carlos

Single mom Bettina Carlos paid tribute to the two women who have supported her through her own journey as a mom---her mom and grandmother.

"Before Mothers Day officially ends, may I appreciate the two women whose love dedication understanding sacrifice strength and support for family are beyond compare. Thank you Mom for teaching me kindness and generosity. You give until it hurts," she wrote. "Thank you Wowa for showing us unending sacrifice and service. Thank you for guiding me especially in Gummy first few years. Thank you for taking care of her so I can work. Thank you for always standing by me beside and behind me ALWAYS even on days I am not exactly pleasant and respectful. Thank you for loving all of me and loving me still. Happy Mothers Day to two of the strongest mothers I know."

5. Pops Fernandez

Concert queen and single mom-of-two Pops Fernandez showed her love for her mom Dulce, writing: "To the lady who has taught us strength and courage. Thank you for loving us too much. Happy mother's day and to all the mommies, specially the single mommies.... know that God always provides...Happy mothers day!"

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6. Isabel Oli-Prats

Celebrity mom Isabel Oli proudly shared how awesome her "supermom" Veronica is.

"Why do I call her that? Well, many of you don't know that I'm the youngest of 7. Do you know how hard it is to raise all of us? I mean raising 1 child is pretty challenging. How much more with 7? We grew up with no helper and yaya," recounted Isabel. "She basically did everything - from household chores, sending us to school and tutoring us after, cooking our meals, washing and ironing our clothes, sending us to bed, the list can go on. She taught me everything like how to distinguish right from wrong, how to love and not hate, how to forgive people when they hurt you, who is God, etc."

She also shared how their mom instilled a strong faith in her and her siblings, which she still continues to encourage to this day.

"Even if I'm married now, I still long for her care and love," continued Isabel. "Not a day goes by that I dont miss or think of her. That's why I always video chat her or call her just to show her how much I miss and love her. I am what I am now because of her. Biggest thanks and hug to my beautiful Momma."

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7. Claudine Barretto

The Barretto clan has had their share of ups and downs. Through it all, Claudine has maintained a close relationship with her mom Inday.

"To the Wind beneath my wings Happy Mothers Day Mom!," wrote the mom-of-two. "I thank God every day for you. I don't know of anyone that comes close as wonderful as a Mom but you. I (love) you so much!"

8. Regine Velasquez

Award-winning singer Regine Velasquez paid tribute to her mom by sharing just how much she owes her success to her. "I remember when I first joined showbiz, my mom was always there for me - on taping days, gigs, everything. She would make sacrifices and give all her time because that's how much she loves me. In every step of my career, she was there for me and nothing beats those moments that we celebrate together. I love you mommy," wrote Asia's songbird.

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9. Sherilyn Tan

The actress paid tribute to her hands-on homemaker mom who instilled good values in her, which she's most grateful for.

"My Mom-- I always say If I can be even just half the mother that she is. All her time was devoted to us. She and my father put us on top of their list," she wrote. "Even when I gave birth to my kids. She gave her one whole month to each of them so they could feel her love and care."

"I love you Mama, I will forever honor and celebrate you because you are the best mother anyone could ever have. A lot of friends envied me for having a mother like her, she was the Mama ng Bayan," she continued. "Now that I appreciate her more than ever, We make it a point to hear from each other despite the distance. It's nice to make her feel appreciated and loved! You? I would love to hear how you connect for real with your Mom."

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10. Vina Morales

The single mom paid tribute to her single mom on instagram, too, writing: "To my beautiful mom who is always there to love and defend us at all times, a happy Mother's Day to you and I love you."

Continuing, she wrote: "To my two sisters whom I love and admire for their strength ate Sheila and Sheryl. Thank you for being my guiding light, my defenders and my help in time of need.Thank you for always being there when I needed you the most. I love you both and Happy Mother's Day. From my whole family. Happy Mother's Day to all loving mothers."

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