Test your toddler knowledge by taking the toddler test

Test your toddler knowledge by taking the toddler test

Taking care of a baby is one thing, but taking care of a toddler is a whole 'nother story. Take this quiz to see if you know a lot about toddlers!

How well do you know toddlers?

Taking care of a baby is one thing, but toddlers are a completely different story. Test your knowledge by taking this quiz!

How long should it take to potty train your toddler?

6 weeks

3 days

2 months

How often should my toddler poop?

Once a day

It depends

Every other day

Four times a day

My child is hitting and biting. Should I be worried?



How many hours of TV can my child watch daily?

1 hour


3-4 hours

My child doesn't want to sleep during his bedtime. What should I do?

Take out naptimes so they get sleepy earlier.

Take away some privileges.

Keep a consistent bedtime routine.

Sleep with your kid for a while.

My toddler usually plays next to other kids instead of with them. Is it normal?



My kid doesn't like vegetables. Is it fine to give him chicken nuggets instead?

No, but don't lose hope.

It's totally fine.

My 18 month old child isn't as talkative as her older brother when he was this age. Should I be worried?

Get your child checked out

Give it a few months


It seems that you can learn a lot more about toddlers. Hopefully you can learn some from this quiz.


You're on the right track, but you can still learn a thing or two about toddlers.


Good going! You know a lot about toddler development!

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