What's Toni Gonzaga's secret to staying slim? It's breastfeeding!

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The mother of one shared that breastfeeding helped her lose the pounds she gained during the course of her pregnancy.

Toni Gonzaga recently shared that one of the ways that she lost her post-pregnancy weight was through breastfeeding.

The actress/host and mother of one added that she exclusively breastfed baby Seve for one year. "Honestly, it's just all breastfeeding. That's just what I did, pure breastfeeding," she shares.

"It's just pure breastfeeding"

According to Toni, she has since lost over 36 pounds and is now back to her ideal weight of 100 pounds.

"It's just pure breastfeeding and carrying him... He's so heavy, he's 24 pounds na," she jokingly adds.

Toni also said that three months after giving birth, she tried working out, but felt that it wasn't the right time.

"When you get over the worst part, you appreciate the benefits of it"

In an interview with PEP, she shares:

"I was still exclusively breastfeeding at that time and feeling ko, my body was burning so much calories that I couldn't handle it.

'Tapos lack of sleep, so feeling ko, hindi pa right time for my body to work out."

"In the beginning, my problem was not really with the latching and Seve, and our connection."

She goes on, "The problem was on my part, it was really painful. It was really painful, especially in the first two weeks.

"It was the most challenging for me because my body was still adjusting. It was so painful yung nag-sore na siya.

"Basta, it's the worst feeling for a mom but, at the same time, when you get over the worst part, you appreciate the benefits of it.

Source: pep.ph

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