Warning: Reports of a recent failed child abduction in Taguig circulate

Warning: Reports of a recent failed child abduction in Taguig circulate

While we are waiting for confirmation on this, it doesn't hurt to keep an even more watchful eye on your kids.

With multiple dangers looming around, there's no such thing as being overprotective towards children, especially with such a warning currently circulating on Facebook:

We have yet to confirm from authorities regarding the modus operandi, but we would benefit from staying vigilant nonetheless and following the tips below.

Keep your child safe
  1. If your child is old enough to understand, show this to him as a warning.
  2. Ensure that your cellphone has enough load and battery life to take and receive calls. Bring a power bank for good measure.
  3. Be with your child at all times. If you need a bathroom break, take your child along with you or have an authorized employee of the establishment keep an eye on your child. (I personally prefer the former to the latter.)
  4. Pack enough snacks and drinks so you won't need to buy anything else; you must watch your child at all times.
    Have you child nearby while someone talks to you, just in case it’s a modus operandi to distract you while someone takes your child.
  5. Do not leave with just anyone, even if the person claims to act on behalf of your spouse or is in a police uniform. Follow your gut if you feel something is off.
  6. Be mindful of your surroundings. While waiting for your car on the sidewalk, stay far from the road. Otherwise, it will be easy for someone to drive by and snatch your child from you.
  7. Avoid dark, deserted areas.

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If you must leave your child with a guardian or yaya, follow the same tips above then add these:

  1. Give specific instructions that they cannot leave with anyone, even if the person claims to know you or your spouse, or is in a police uniform. Should the stranger insist, instruct your yaya to call you or your spouse immediately.
  2. In relation to the previous item, ensure that your yaya has ample load and battery life.
  3. Provide other contact numbers of trusted family members and friends to your yaya in case you or your spouse are unavailable.
  4. Stay in constant communication with your yaya. If you won't be able to pick them up on time, let her know immediately. Update her on your location as well.

Got any other tips to help others stay safe?

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