5 times Chrissy Teigen didn't give in to mom-shaming

5 times Chrissy Teigen didn't give in to mom-shaming

Mom-shaming needs to stop!

If we get a penny for every time Chrissy Teigen gets shamed for being a mom, we would be billionaires by now. But what Chrissy Teigen thinks about mom shaming is genius, and the sassy mom always have witty comebacks that put the shamers in their place.

With today’s advancements in social media, mom-shaming is on a whole other level. Mothers all around the world are publicly judged and criticized for how they are raising their children. Designed to bring a mom down, insults can be anything, and range from subtle, to downright in-your-face.

From balancing motherhood and work to food choices, to parenting style, to even how you want to dress your own kids – there’s an insult for every mom by another mom.

If you too have experienced mom-shaming, take a page from Chrissy Teigen’s book. Here, she teaches us exactly how to cut down those shamers.

What Chrissy Teigen Thinks About Mom Shaming and the 5 Times She Just Didn’t Care

#1 On Being a Role Model

A mom is a mom. Also mom status doesn’t mean you’ll change into a saint. Moms will curse – internally – and trust me there will be times when even your own kids might drive you over the edge. But as long as it is not out loud and in their faces, all is fair game.

#2 On How to Dress Her Kids

Really? So now a mom can’t even choose how she wants to dress her OWN child? You have got to be kidding me. Poor Luna too! What’s wrong if she doesn’t show much expression? What did she do?

#3 On Her Decision to Do IVF

Those who have been following Teigen for a while now would know that she has been very open about her fertility issues.

After trying for nine years, the couple finally decided on IVF, or in vitro fertilization, to help her get pregnant.

Despite what Chrissy Teigen thinks about mom shaming and how everyone is saying she should have adopted, to me, it is still a mom’s choice and her right whatever she decides. Quite frankly it’s not even our business.

What you see on social media is just that. At the end of the day, what do we know about the kind of emotional turmoil and issues couples face when dealing with fertility issues? That’s just it. We don’t know – so don’t judge.

#4 On Her Dinner Date with Husband John

And what is wrong with going off for a couple of hours just to have dinner with your husband? Both of them need a break just like regular parents! Only two weeks after Teigen gave birth to Luna this was the bashing she got. Luckily her husband had her back.

#5 On Breastfeeding Her Luna’s Doll

And so what if she’s breastfeeding the doll? Is it just breastfeeding 101 no? Plus, she’s sending out a positive message to her little girl that breastfeeding is normal and natural.

Mom-Shaming Hurts

what Chrissy Teigen thinks about mum shaming

Picture credit: TODAY

Despite what Chrissy Teigen thinks about mom shaming and even with all that sass, the truth is it still gets to her. During the TODAY Show, she opened up about how she felt about people criticizing her.

“It gets to me every time. I feel like pregnancy is the time for them to warm you up to the shaming that’s about to come because they really go in on you.”

So even if you find her witty comebacks incredibly funny, deep down, it does have an effect.

Mom-shaming is like a plague. Suddenly, everyone is all claws and spite, tearing each other down. This isn’t the way it should be, and it needs to stop. Let’s support each other in the toughest job in the world: parenting.


Source: Christine Teigen

Feature and lead picture credit: Chrissy Teigen

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