What is team parenting and what makes it effective?

What is team parenting and what makes it effective?

For generations, moms and dads have had their differences when it comes to parenting styles and approaches. Raising a child requires cooperation from both parents, or to put it simply: teamwork. This is a concept that today’s parents value and strive to achieve with team parenting – when moms and dads collaborate in raising their children to ensure their proper growth and development.

Similac GainSchool empowers parents to team up to create amazing learning opportunities for their children

Today’s well-connected world gives parents access to a wealth of information from different sources. But the cacophony of advice on various parenting styles can be confusing, especially for new parents seeking to give the best for their children. Similac GainSchool recently held a parenting forum called, When Mom and Dad Team Up, Amazing Learning Happens

Similac features Bianca Gonzales, JC Intal, Patrick Garcia, and Nikka Martinez on team parenting

Celebrity couples Bianca Gonzalez and JC Intal along with television actor Patrick Garcia and his wife, Nikka Martinez highlighted the importance of team parenting. Guided by pediatrician and child psychologist Dr. Joseph Regalado, they shared their first-hand challenges and lessons learned with members of the audience. They also discussed the science behind team parenting, and how collaboration between parents makes a significant impact on a child – whether it be on discipline or the best nutrition.

What Makes Team Parenting and Effective Technique?

Each parenting journey is unique. As such, there is no one-size-fits-all approach when it comes to raising a child. “Research suggests that the majority of parents display a certain parenting style that may or may not differ from that of his or her partner,” Dr. Joseph Regalado said at the forum. “Thus, team parenting is when these two different parenting styles work in harmony to achieve the common goal - raising their child to be the best he or she can be.” 

“We all have our individual styles and approaches to being a mom or a dad because no two parents are alike,” Bianca Gonzalez said. Their gameplan? “Team parenting isn’t about agreeing with each other all the time; it’s about communication, compromise, and collaboration. JC and I have our differences, but we always try to meet halfway. Despite how different we are, we complement each other as we work together as a team and seeing how Lucia is growing up to be smart and strong, we’re confident that we’re doing a good job.”

Similac in Supporting Team Parenting

Similac panel

As experts in science-based nutrition, Abbott has adopted a dual approach in creating the breakthrough formula in Similac GainSchool. According to Dr. Jose Rodolfo Dimaano Jr., area medical director for Abbott’s Asia-Pacific region, “Similac GainSchool provides children with the dual benefit of 2’-FL HMO - which strengthens a child’s immunity – and 10 key brain nutrients for faster learning. With these ingredients working together to shape a smart brain and strong immunity, children are able to achieve a more well-rounded sense of growth and development.” 

Proper nutrition establishes a strong foundation for a child to thrive. Similac GainSchool, with 2’-FL HMO and 10 key brain nutrients, provides preschool-aged children with proper nutrition. It also helps parents fulfill their team parenting game plan: to equip their children with good health for faster learning.

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