2015 Worries we're happy to leave behind

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Let's hope that these worries don't come true next year, too!

There were a lot of ups and downs throughout 2015. As parents, we worry around the clock, hoping that our families stay safe and healthy. Here are a few things we were worried about over the year:

1. The big Metro Manila earthquake
As one of the densest megacities in the world, a big earthquake would mean chaos and a lot of lost lives. We're happy that it hasn't happened yet but we're still making sure that we prepare for it - Emergency kit? Check! Metro-wide quake drill? Check!

2. Papal assassination and APEC security breach
The two events sure caused a lot of heavy traffic and disrupted school (OK, we're not complaining much about that!), but everyone breathed a sigh of relief when Pope Francis and the APEC delegates were finally out of the country. The pope personally taught us how to be more compassionate and hopefully the APEC summit has a good impact on our country's future.

3. Balikbayan box random physical inspections
OFW's have enough to worry about - many are working abroad to support their families. So when Customs announced that they would physically inspect balikbayan boxes, many were worried that their hard-earned padalas to their children would get damaged or stolen. It was later announced that inspections would only done using x-rays or K-9 units.

4. Blood moon doomsday predictions
We're happy that a series of four blood moons (total lunar eclipses) coinciding on Jewish holidays did not trigger the apocalypse, as some expected. There are a lot more end-of-the-world predictions but this is something that we always want to be wrong about.

5. National emergency due to energy crisis
Many of us were old enough to remember the never-ending brownouts of the 1990's and we were afraid that it was going to happen again. We were wondering if we would need candles, emergency electric fans or even generators, but at least the energy crisis was not as bad as predicted and did not require the government to declare a national state of emergency.

6. Deadly epidemic in the Philippines
Although there has been a confirmed case and even a MERS-CoV death in the Philippines, an epidemic has not yet reached our shores. We worry that we will get quarantined when we enter the country with a slight fever but know that the measures are in place for our own good. Whether we attribute it to luck or great monitoring by the DoH, let's hope the Philippines stays epidemic-free.

7. Ride-sharing apps banned by Philippine court
We celebrated when the Philippines was praised for being the first country in the world to have a law concerning ride-sharing services. Then we were scared when news spread about a court issuing a temporary restraining order (TRO). Luckily, it only concerns new applications and did not affect ride-sharing during the busy Christmas season.

8. Star Wars Episode 7 flop
There are a few fans complaining that the new movie is just a re-boot and plot recycle but most are happy that the film will make their children (or grandchildren!) love the Star Wars franchise just as much as they do. At least it wasn't as bad as the last trilogy and it even has a few school lessons up its sleeves.

BONUS: Miss Philippines does not win Miss Universe
Pacquiao may have lost, but we were thrilled when Miss Philippines Pia Wurtzbach won the Miss Universe title. It had been 42 years since Gloria Diaz won so we weren't all that optimistic. Our fears were almost founded when host Steve Harvey announced that Miss Colombia won but you know what happened after that! We're glad that our girls have a new Filipina role model to look up to and that she's confidently beautiful with a heart.

Now that the year is officially over, let's all breathe a sigh of relief. Admit it, it wasn't all that bad. The new year brings with it new hopes and fears, we're all worried about the upcoming elections and how that will impact our country, but, as 2015 taught us, there's no use worrying: Just prepare for the worst and hope for the best!

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