3 Things Every Pinay Woman Needs to Know About Red Days

3 Things Every Pinay Woman Needs to Know About Red Days

It’s time to call the much-dreaded Red Day for what it is: Menstruation. And we’re here to talk about it.

There are many ways to call our monthly visitor—red days, red tide period, “meron”, or even Aunt Flo(w). A lot of these codenames were coined to avoid mentioning it in public. It just shows how our culture hinders us from publicly talking about it.

For years, it has always been a taboo topic among women. It’s not a common practice for us to talk about it in public, let alone ask about it openly among groups. But, we should break the cycle and start owning our womanhood as ignoring red days can lead to several undesirable health concerns. It’s time to call the much-dreaded Red Day for what it is: Menstruation. And we’re here to talk about it.

3 Things Every Pinay Woman Needs to Know About Red Days

Menstruation happens on an average of 3 to 5 days every month. Ladies know the drill of always having spare napkins in the bag, painkillers for dysmenorrhea, and wearing loose and comfortable clothes. But just when we think we have it all in the bag (pun intended), we still have those moments when we need extra protection.

Red day threats are some of the common problems women face, so here’s some facts and tips to keep yourself protected and conquer those red day threats!


Red Day Odor

red days

It’s common practice to change your napkin three times a day— minimum. But what if you can still smell something weird? During red days, regular discharge can get mixed with blood, resulting in a foul, metallic odor. The smell usually varies from woman to woman (sometimes, it can even smell fishy), but if there’s an infection, the symptoms will also include bodily pain, vaginal discharge that isn’t blood, or even itchiness in some cases.


Red Day Itch

3 Things Every Pinay Woman Needs to Know About Red Days

But what if you’re hit with the urge to scratch down there? Vaginal itchiness can happen for a lot of reasons. It could be something as minor as friction between your sanitary pad and dried-up blood, skin irritation, or can be as major as eczema or the beginnings of a yeast infection. In rare cases, it can even be due to stress. 

If there’s one thing you need to remember, proper hygiene is the easiest solution to prevent uneasy moments like these. Regularly changing your sanitary napkins is not enough to protect your privates. For ultimate protection, it’s important to use a feminine wash that is made for red days.


Red Day Irritation

3 Things Every Pinay Woman Needs to Know About Red Days

So, why is proper feminine hygiene so important? Aside from it being important for your health, it also prevents the growth of bacteria, which can lead to several problems. That’s right: Bacteria build-up during red days can lead to vaginal irritation. But worry not, because you can conquer these red day threats. Here are a couple of solutions to keep you protected during your red days.


What’s the solution?

red days


  • Change Your Napkin Regularly

Don’t be lazy — bacteria and germs build up when you leave your vagina stewing in old blood and discharge, and worse, you can even get septic shock. So, make sure you change them after at least three or four hours.

  • Wear Breathable Cotton Underwear

Warm and moist environments are ideal breeding ground for bacteria. That’s why wearing cotton underwear lets your lady part breathe. So, put aside those lacey panties and thongs until after your red days. 

And if you’re prone to allergies, avoid underwear made with nylon, acetate or other manmade fabrics. It’s a common catalyst for vaginal itch, which is the last thing you’d want to worry about especially during a busy day.

  • Use a Feminine Wash Specifically Formulated for Red Days

GynePro feminine wash gives ULTRA PROTECTION against red day vulnerabilities through its tri-power protection that combats vaginal odor, itch and irritation.  It contains Chlorhexidine digluconate, clinically proven to have bacteria killing action with regular use.

Bonus tip: Use it regularly during your menstruation. During normal days, use it three times a week for regular protection. And if you’re sexually active, make sure to use it before and after intercourse to keep your feminine area clean.

Now go conquer your red days like a #girlboss!

For more details, follow GynePro Ultra Protection Feminine Wash on Facebook and @gynepro on Instagram and get the feminine wash for red days on Lazada or in leading drugstores and supermarkets.

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