Adorable singing daddy-daughter duo take on an 80s classic!

Adorable singing daddy-daughter duo take on an 80s classic!

Watch an adorable 3-year-old cover A-Ha's classic hit "Take on Me" with her equally adorable dad

Fans of 80s music are in for a treat thanks to an adorable singing 3-year-old and her musically gifted dad.

In a YouTube video that is being share all over social media, we see Matt Silverman covering A-Ha's "Take on Me". We daresay it's even more catchy than the original!

With impressive vocals, acoustic instruments, a xylophone and the musical tot's backing vocals, the cute cover is sure to leave you humming the tune for days.

They first entered the social media radar back in December when they released their version of Walk The Moon's "Shut Up and Dance".   

To date, the video has garnered half a million views and grabbed the attention of Maker studios, who invited Silverman to join their network.

The success of their first cover came as a surprise to Silverman, who told Babble: “We launched the channel in December, and I assumed friends and family would enjoy it, and we might sprout a small audience. But the first few videos got some buzz on YouTube and some press coverage, and we were off and running.”

It's not just song covers that followers can look forward to on their channel. Silverman has also been experiment with other short-form clips: like how-to videos, social media tutorials, and video game review vlogs.

Though the finished product is super fun, shooting with a toddler can be a challenge.

“She is a very strong-willed girl, which is a wonderful quality, unless you just need her to say one last line,” shares the doting dad. “She’s also at an age where she takes pleasure in being contrary to get attention. So if she’s in the right mood, we can zip through her segments.

If she’s not, it can be very tedious. We often have to quit or re-shoot. It’s taught me how to write very succinctly for her, and there are a few tricks that makes shooting more efficient. Telling her to sit in a chair or say a line is hit or miss, but pretending I’m doing a video by myself makes her really want to participate. Also, jellybeans.”

As for how Amelia is handling her newfound internet fame, Silverman says: “I don’t think Amelia really understands that strangers watch and talk to her on the Internet. When people tell her in person that they like her videos, she mostly shrugs it off. In her mind, she must assume that everyone just watches each other’s videos online (which we kinda do, if you think about it).”

But he--like most of their followers---believe that she is truly a star in the making.

“Her imagination is off the charts, and way funnier than anything I could write,” he admits. “But it’s hard to capture that on video because she clams up whenever I take out the camera. When she understands that someone is going to be watching on the other end, I think she’ll blow the roof off this thing.”

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