This online boutique lets you and your baby post IG-worthy pics all the time!

This online boutique lets you and your baby post IG-worthy pics all the time!

One of the most precious things about being a mom is being able to witness your child grow up. Our very own TAPfluencer, Alexa Gutierrez, agrees with this which inspired her to start her own fashion line. What's special about this is that her brand allows moms everywhere to capture these priceless moments with an IG-worthy wardrobe that goes along with it!


For mommy Alexa, Shoplaya is more than a fashion brand. Since she started it as a way to get back to her feet after her postpartum depression with her second daughter, she found a way to battle what she was going through by combining two things she loved the most: fashion and spending time with her two daughters.

With this, she got inspired to create something that leans on the practicality of being a mom. For example, a breastfeeding-friendly feature as well as the easy-open button feature on jumpsuits for convenience. She has developed a brand to make little girls feel beautiful through fashionable clothes and accessories.


What’s more interesting about this brand is how intricate the process is. Alexa, together with her business partner January Duarte, personally handpicks everything from the fabric used for the dress, to the quality of the accessories they sell on their shop. 

“I’m very strict about the selection of fabric. Every fabric, every style, everything is nitty-gritty. It’s a slow fashion where we really put everything together so it takes a long time… We really handpick each and every piece so if ever we’re gonna get another accessory we will make sure that it’s quality.”

Plus, this brand also advocates promoting local labor since their dresses are handmade only here in the Philippines! #lovelocal


So, what’s coming next for this one-of-a-kind startup? Inclusivity. Since Alexa Gutierrez has been very hands-on with the brand, she has been continuously learning more about what moms really need and prefer when it comes to choosing their clothing.

“I really wanna do it on my own. I don’t wanna give it to somebody else because I feel like that’s the only way I’m gonna learn about you, moms.” 

This means, in her coming collection, we should be expecting clothes custom-made for maternity. There will also be cute and fashionable clothes for the newborns. Go and capture the cutest pictures that would last a lifetime! 

Follow @shoplaya for more inspiration on your next IG post with your little one!

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