3 Amazing traits that all Filipino moms have

3 Amazing traits that all Filipino moms have

Being a mom isn't easy, and all Filipino moms should feel very proud of themselves for doing such an amazing job of being a mother!

Just like any other mom, Filipino moms are totally dedicated to their families, and there’s no denying how much work they put in when it comes to being a mother.

And for Filipino moms, there are 3 amazing traits that make them all the more amazing!

Filipino moms

Filipino moms are empowered, and are willing to do anything for their family.

1. They’re strict, but they know when to let their hair down

Yup, Filipino moms can be very strict, especially when it comes to doing the chores and schoolwork, but they’re no stranger to having fun! During birthdays, Christmas, and really just about any celebration, Pinoy moms can be seen singing, dancing, and joining all sorts of parlor games (sometimes to the embarrassment of their kids!)

Pinoy moms work hard, but they play hard, and they apply that philosophy to their family and to how they raise their kids as well!

2. They’ll do anything for their family

For Filipino moms, family always comes first, and they’ll do almost anything just to make sure that their family is always happy and lives comfortably.

Being a stay-at-home mom in the Philippines doesn’t simply mean that you stay at home and take care of the kids. It also means that aside from doing all of the household work and taking care of the kids, Filipino moms also engage in various side-businesses and ways of making money.

From having a sari-sari store, selling halo-halo during the summer, or selling preserved meats like longganisa and tocino, Filipino moms are constantly looking for ways to augment their family’s income, and they do all that on top of their traditional mom responsibilities!

3. Faith is an important part of their lives

It’s no question that Filipinos are deeply religious. And being religious helps keep the family close.

Filipino moms always do their best when it comes to teaching their kids about faith. At a young age, kids are taught to pray, to go to church, to say grace before meals, and to pray together as a family.

It’s important for families to also have a healthy spiritual life, and most Filipino moms fulfill that role in the family. This belief helps keep the family together even through tough times, and serves as a sort of anchor that keeps the family, especially the kids, from losing their way.

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