Australian couple abandon baby with Down Syndrome

Australian couple abandon baby with Down Syndrome

Australian couple abandon baby with Down Syndrome: 6-month-old is abandoned by Australian couple after finding out he has down syndrome.


6-month-old Gammy is left with his Thai Surrogate mother after his adoptive Australian parents find out that he has Down Syndrome. Instead of flying home with twins, the couple instead leave Thailand with Gammy's healthy twin sister.

Pattaramon Chanbua was paid $15,000 to be a surrogate for the Australian couple, however, was asked to have an abortion when the trio found out that one of the baby's had a condition. Pattaramon refused as abortion goes against her Buddhist beliefs.

Not surprisingly, the actions of the Australian couple has caused an uproar among netizens, but had also prompted many touched by this story to raise over $21,000 to help treat Gammy's congenital heart condition and other urgent medical needs. Read more of the story here.

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