Does breastfeeding affect sex drive?

Does breastfeeding affect sex drive?

During breastfeeding, hormonal changes due to nursing occur in your body which can affect your sex drive. If this is the case for you, don’t fret. We’ve got ways to get help.

Does breastfeeding affect sex drive?

While nursing, your breasts may be sore. Don’t be too hard on yourself if you aren’t in the mood for “romance” just yet.

Does breastfeeding affect sex drive?

It can, but it doesn’t always have to.

According to the Mayo Clinic, breastfeeding causes hormonal changes that can alter your sex drive. If you used to be a veritable sex goddess, the changes can take away some of your moves and make you wilt in the face of your husband’s better appreciation of your voluptuous new breasts.

But before we continue, note that:

It’s different for everyone

Some moms report that breastfeeding doesn’t do anything positive or negative to their sex drive. Some women even report that they feel even sexier when they breastfeed. While some effects of breastfeeding can affect your libido, it differs for each woman.

Here’s what you can expect to happen to your body during breastfeeding:

Vaginal dryness

Since you’re essentially providing fluids to your newborn, your vagina doesn’t produce as much moisture and lubrication during nursing. This can lead to discomfort and even abrasions that make intercourse painful.

Lowered estrogen levels

Nursing causes estrogen levels to drop as well which may prevent pregnancy. This is your body’s way of  protecting you and facilitating your recovery after giving birth. This isn’t a fool-proof birth control method, though, as each woman’s hormonal imbalances can differ. 

Desensitized lady bits

How else does breastfeeding affect sex drive? Together with dryness, decreased estrogen also makes your lady bits less sensitive. This means that even if you let your husband “get you in the mood,” it may sadly not work. 

Less testosterone

Yes, ladies, we still have testosterone in our bodies, and its hormonal levels fall during nursing. So don’t be surprised when you experience a dampening of your sexual desire because testosterone is responsible for making you feel randy or “ganado.” 

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Breastfeeding your child is just one of the many things that can affect your sex drive.

More than hormonal changes brought on by nursing, there are other factors that can lower your libido.

Awkward leaks

While estrogen and testosterone levels fall, oxytocin levels rise. 

This causes your breasts to produce more milk and can make you squirt milk when you orgasm. If this is a turn-on for you and your husband, then now is the time to get frisky. But if you’re uncomfortable with it, it’s best to nurse your baby (or pump!) before doing the deed.

A mouthful of milk for the husband

How else does breastfeeding affect sex? Even if you’ve already nursed your child, you may inadvertently release milk if your breasts receive active contact or stimulation. If hubby is a boob man, you have to give him fair warning. Talk to your husband if this turns you on or if your breasts are a no-go zone during your nursing phase.

Tender and sensitive breasts

For some unlucky moms, breasts could be sources of discomfort. They could be overly sensitive that stimulation can actually hurt. In this case, breastfeeding does affect sex drive since any contact to your breasts can be off-putting.

Experts (and many who have breastfed!) will tell you that taking care of a new baby is exhausting, emotionally draining, and can turn you into a zombie.

Even after the six-week healing point has been reached after delivery, your vajayjay can be sore and you may not have fully recovered yet.

What woman is up for a roll in the hay if she’s got eye bags the size of an LV tote? Having skin as dull as a dirty five-peso coin isn’t going to help, either.

Don’t fret! There are things you and your husband can do to “get in the mood.”

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Does breastfeeding affect sex drive?

Be honest with yourself and your husband on whether or not you are ready to get intimate again.

Does breastfeeding affect sex drive?

Be honest with yourself. If you answer “yes” cut yourself some slack. Here’s what you can do:

1. Talk to your husband. Show him this article, and get into a discussion on how the hormonal changes you are experiencing is lowering your libido.

2. Go to your doctor to see if he or she can give you vitamins for fatigue (that are safe for breastfeeding moms) and a recommendation for a good lubricant to help you go back to being a sex goddess.

3. Tell your husband how to get you in the mood. You may want to have a date, a movie night at home, certain food (we hear oysters are natural aphrodisiacs!), or simply a long make out session with some heavy petting to get your drive back up.

4. Watch or read something romantic (or erotic). A chick flick or even your wedding video can get you cuddly with your hubby. Intense cuddling can lead to something more adult-rated afterwards. Up the ante with racier materials such as erotic love poems, novels, or movies.

5. Have a warm bath together. A soak in the tub or a spell under a warm shower can loosen your tired body and provide the perfect place to steal some intimate time with your man.

6. Talk dirty. While you don’t have to go to sexting right away, building up a steamy conversation through instant messaging throughout the day can get you hot and heavy in the evening.

The bottom line:

Does breastfeeding affect sex drive? It can, but you can certainly work around it!

And remember that your sex life will normalize eventually. In the meantime, enjoy your intense connection with your child and just get creative with how you and your husband can keep the fire burning.


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