Your child's smile can tell you a lot about their health

Your child's smile can tell you a lot about their health

Did you know that based on your child's smile alone, you can gauge just how healthy they are? Read on to learn more!

You'll be surprised at how important your child's smile is. Not only does it show your child's happiness, but it also shows just how healthy your little one is!

A beautiful smile is not just cosmetic

All parents want their kids to have white teeth, and a great smile. However, it's not just cosmetic, since researchers have found a link between your child's oral health and conditions of the brain, heart, and other body parts. The researchers found that people who have gum disease tend to be more prone to having heart disease.

That's because the build-up of plaque in a person's arteries is an inflammatory process, just like how plaque builds-up on a person's teeth. Another theory proposed that gum disease can trigger inflammation throughout a person's body, which can sometimes manifest as plaque build-up, which can lead to a heart attack.

This means that a healthy smile could probably mean that a person is indeed healthy. And good health is especially important to children since it'll help them to be more resistant to illness and have a healthier lifestyle as they grow up.

Kids who neglect to take care of their oral health can develop cavities and toothaches as well as gingivitis, or bleeding of the gums. It can also cause bad breath for your little one.

This is why it's important to establish healthy oral habits in your child early on, such as flossing, brushing their teeth, and caring for their gums.

Teaching good oral habits early on pays off!

Here are a few important oral health habits that you'll need to teach your kids:

  1. Proper toothbrushing. Your kids should brush for at least 2 times a day, and for 2 minutes each time. Make sure they reach all the parts of their mouth, and make sure that they also clean their gums as well as their tongue.
  2. Flossing is very important. Flossing helps ensure that the space in between your child's teeth is clean, and helps prevent cavities. They should floss at least twice a day, in conjunction with brushing their teeth.
  3. Eat healthy. Eating lots of vegetables as well as fruits with a lot of vitamin C can help keep your child's gum healthy, and their teeth strong.
  4. Avoid giving them sweets. At an early age, it would be good if you can let your child avoid eating sweets as much as possible, since if they acquire a sweet tooth, it might be difficult to let go of the habit. Too much sugar rots your child's teeth, and can even cause them to have cavities which can cause painful toothaches.
  5. Make sure to visit the dentist at least once a year so that you can get an idea of your child's oral health. It's important to not use the dentist to scare your child, as it might make them feel apprehensive of visiting the dentist. Treat it just like any other trip, and make it fun and exciting.
  6. Avoid letting them eat junk food. Just like sweets, junk food contains a lot of sugar and preservatives that are not only bad for your child's teeth, but also bad for their health in general.

Teaching these good oral habits early on will pay off in the future since your child won't have to endure toothaches, gum disease, or other mouth problems. You can even turn it into a family activity, and you can start brushing your teeth together with your kid to make it more fun for them.



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