9 Simple tips that will keep your child healthy

9 Simple tips that will keep your child healthy

Keep your child healthy and in tip-top shape by following these 9 simple tips!

These 9 tips can help ensure you keep your little one healthy and free from any illness!

1. Make sure that they always wash their hands

Did you know that when hospitals started to practice handwashing in the late 1800s and early 1900s, the mortality rate for surgeries drastically decreased? That's how big of an impact handwashing can have on a person's health.

So it's important that your child always washes their hands before eating, as well as if they touch anything dirty.

2. They have a healthy diet

Eating a healthy and well-balanced diet can do wonders for your child's health. Make it a point to give them fresh and healthy food that's free from preservatives as well as pesticides, and you'll notice your child become healthier and stronger!

3. Make sure that they're vaccinated

Vaccinations are important when it comes to preventing infections. Make sure your child is vaccinated and that they're up to date in their vaccines so that their immune system is strong, and they won't get infected with illnesses.

4. Let your kids play outside

Playing outside helps keep your child fit, and encourages them to be more active and play with other kids. It's a good way for them to socialize with other kids and helps them acquire good social skills early on.

5. Practice healthy habits yourself

Practicing healthy habits will set an example for your kids to follow. Besides, it's also important for parents to be healthy so that they can better take care of their family.

6. Your kids should wear seatbelts

Seatbelts should always be worn if you're inside your car. For younger kids, car seats are important, so make sure that you invest in one.

7. Your kids should wear helmets when biking

Biking might be fun, but it's not fun if your kid falls down and gets hurt. Make sure your child is safe by asking them to wear a helmet if they're going to go biking.

8. Don't let your kids spend too much on-screen time

Too much time in front of the computer or in front of their gadgets isn't healthy. Make it a point to prioritize playing outside and reading books instead of staying in and gluing themselves to the computer.

9. Take them to their annual checkups

Annual checkups are important since they serve as a means for you to check your child's overall health and see if they're developing well.

Source: rd.com

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